Amerijuana Cartridges Critique – Very good High-quality But Is It A Street Brand?


Design and style and Construct High-quality


Amerijuana cartridges turned out to be a decent. The oil is good and thick, it has a smooth taste to it and it provides a seriously good higher. But hunting far more into these cartridges, I couldn’t uncover something on the organization itself. Unsure about the legitimacy of this organization, right here we appear far more into Amerijuana carts and our view on them.


  • Smooth taste
  • Good oil high quality
  • Provides a excellent higher


  • Lack of information and facts on them
  • Possibly not a true organization

Suggestions: Supply far more genuine information and facts on the organization as properly as lab benefits. Though these cartridge give a good higher and taste very good, there is no saying how legit the organization basically is.

With these cartridges getting very good, that does not imply that it will generally be protected to consume.

In all honesty, I basically did like this cartridge. But the most important issue with this organization is that they may possibly not even be an genuine brand. Soon after carrying out analysis on them, I couldn’t uncover something on the organization nor their oil. It is really hard to trust the oil without having getting any lab tests accomplished to them. Getting an unregulated brand, folks place their personal oil and sell in bulk on the streets.

An additional issue is that the packaging claims to have a web-site,  but the web-site is not even registered. I also couldn’t even uncover any social media accounts beneath the brand. Though we could not uncover their packaging sold on the net, it is feasible these carts could have distinctive oil in distinctive locations from distinctive folks. 

amerijuana cartridge packaging
Though the packaging has a web-site of the organization, the web-site is not registered.

The very good issue is that I wasn’t capable to uncover the packaging for sale on the net. This could be for the reason that it is a little organization and suppliers haven’t replicated the packaging however, or particular vendors distribute it in particular states. Either way, not a low of these unknown cartridges look to in the industry however. Regardless of how very good it is, it is nevertheless unsure what’s basically in the oil or if it is protected to consume.

Amerijuana carts are surprisingly very good high quality

Soon after all the analysis, I wasn’t to count on a lot from this cartridge. But just after taking a handful of hits, I did get a good and mellow higher from it. The oil does really feel somewhat sturdy and the taste is alright. Not harsh at all nor does it leave a negative taste a single bit. But regrettably there nevertheless is no saying how clean these carts are. Just for the reason that you have a excellent tasting cart that gets you seriously higher, does not imply that it will generally be protected to consume.

Oil high quality is good and pretty potent

amerijuana cartridge oil quality
Getting a suspicious cartridge, the oil high quality is surprisingly excellent and pretty sturdy.

The oil to this cartridge turned out to be seriously very good. It is basically thick and dense and is was constant all all through the complete cartridge. In contrast to Dabwoods cartridge, it does not have a a dark colour to the oil nor also light, like the Chronic Carts. In comparison to most off-branded cartridges, Amerijuana cartridges are a tiny far more potent than most out there.

Compared to most street carts, this is a single of the strongest

For the reason that of how a lot of fake cartridges there are in the black industry, it can be really hard to trust on dependable oil and genuine cartridges. With these type of brands, you will not generally get the exact same oil high quality when you choose them up. From time to time, you can randomly get either a seriously excellent cart or a light and weak a single. We’ve had this knowledge a lot with carts like Dank Vapes or Cereal Carts.

With that getting mentioned, this distinct cartridge is pretty sturdy and provides a lasting higher. It regrettably does not say any THC percentage on the package nor does it have any lab benefits. But either way, it is absolutely stronger and far more potent than most street brands that are out there.

Amerijuana Cartridges tasted far more like oil than terpenes

The flavor I picked up is Sundae Driver and I can say these carts taste a lot far more like oil than terpenes. It does give somewhat of a sweet taste, but it does give far more of a wax flavor. This taste is basically satisfying, quite smooth and not harsh a single bit. But for the reason that it is far more of an oil taste, it does leave a dense smell to it.

Unsure if it is an genuine or fake CCELL

Suitable away, you can inform that Amerijuana carts use CCELL cartridge. It is a complete gram, not sealed and a quite effective cart. But taking a close appear on the bottom of the cartridge, I only saw two distinctive imprints on them. It only has the CA serial quantity and says three win. From our knowledge, genuine CCELL’s have three distinctive stamps, the serial quantity, the K stamp and the CCELL logo. Though we are nevertheless unsure, we messaged the organization just to be certain. As they respond, we will update this post.

ccell carts
Though we are nevertheless unsure, genuine CCELL’s typically have three stamps from our knowledge.

All round, Amerijuana Cartridges are very good but not dependable

To sum up, yes we did appreciate Amerijuana carts but they are not that trustworthy. With a lot of safer solutions, you cannot generally rely on any cartridge coming from the black industry. They could be high quality and taste very good, but not all carts will be constant or even protected to smoke. We suggest to generally choose your cartridge from a licensed dispensary or at least to have some sort of lab benefits for the protected of your well being.

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