Old Pal has a range of solutions offered for smoking and vaping. They sell flower and strain certain or blended vape cartridges. Like their aesthetics suggests, Old Pal tends to make their vape cartridges with simplicity in thoughts. They fill their cartridges with premium top quality oil from sourced greenhouse flower.

They are cheap, but that does not imply that they are affordable in top quality. Old Pal is a California native, their farmers developing their flower in Humboldt county. Their solutions are broadly offered all all through California at a truly low cost. For this assessment we are working with Old Pal’s Cosmic Indica cartridge.


  • Premium top quality oil
  • Truly excellent flavor
  • Really smooth hits
  • A single of the least expensive brands on the marketplace
  • No fillers or artificial flavoring of any type


  • Only offered in California
  • It is a tiny tough to come across details about the oil on-line

Suggestions: Not becoming in a position to come across details is not the worst issue, but it is good to know far more about what you are smoking


Right here is the packaging for the Old Pal cartridge.

For the cost I paid, I didn’t count on considerably when it came to the top quality of the cartridge. Surprisingly, the cartridge was a incredibly excellent top quality. The chamber that contained the THC oil was created of sturdy plastic and the mouthpiece was a quite strong plastic mouthpiece. The oil inside the cartridge has a mild but incredibly scrumptious flavor. For this Old Pal Vapes cartridge assessment, I tested the Old Pal Cosmic Indica cartridge, which they fill with their blended oil.

The cartridges have a uncomplicated and sturdy style

old pal cartridge
The Old Pal THC cart appears quite common, but has a logo printed onto the side.

The physique of the Old Pal cartridge that I attempted had a strong style. The chamber was thick and sturdy, the mouthpiece was a firm and black see-via mouthpiece. Each the chamber and outhpiece have been plastic and the chamber had the Old Pal logo on it. It also had the California cannabis warning sticker on it and that type of threw the complete aesthetic out the window.

Old Pal oil seemed to be a truly excellent top quality

The oil in the Old Pal Cosmic Indica cartridge was a incredibly good clear brown colour. It has a excellent thickness to it and it is not runny. I couldn’t come across as well considerably details about the oil on-line so I couldn’t say irrespective of whether or not these cartridges have been distilled or purified in any way. Either way the oil seemed incredibly excellent to me in each colour and smell.

Potency restricted the quantity of puffs necessary to get higher, which created Older Pal cartridges final a excellent although

The cartridge I purchased was a half gram and it was filled almost to the prime. The cartridge burns almost certainly just as speedy as an typical CCELL, but the potency got me higher with minimal hits. Not obtaining to vape typically to preserve my higher going helped extend the oil inside the cartridge. This cartridge will almost certainly final me for a couple of weeks.

old pal test results

Old Pal nails the flavor of the oil in their higher top quality blended Indica cartridges

Old Pal’s Cosmic Indica cartridge is a blend of oils, providing Old Pal’s non brand certain oil a incredibly one of a kind flavor profile. It begins with a mild musty and just about spicy flavor. Beneath that is a zesty piney taste that lingers for a handful of minutes right after you have completed vaping. This Old Pal cartridge was incredibly flavorful but not overwhelming.

The Cosmic Indica cartridge had a surprising and potent higher that lasted for numerous hours

This cartridge has a single of the very best highs I have ever felt. It only requires two or 3 puffs to commence acquiring the effects The higher steadily grows from there and ends up becoming incredibly heavy. Old Pal’s higher top quality oil truly presents a pure and enjoyable higher that lasts for numerous hours.

All round the Old Pal cart is a truly astounding knowledge at a wonderful cost

Retailers sell the cartridges for as low as 15 dollars, and possibly as higher as 25 dollars in some areas. These rates are all prior to taxes and costs but they are nonetheless genuine excellent rates. Nonetheless, the Old Pal cartridge was super potent and the higher was superb.

Concluding our Old Pal cartridge review…

The Cosmic Indica Cartridge was superb all round. Each the flavor and potency of this cartridge are some of the very best on the marketplace. The flavor was not overpowering and the potency was some of the very best I have skilled in cartridges. At 15 dollars on Eaze.com, the Cosmic Indica cartridge by Old Pal are a wonderful deal all about.

You can pay a visit to the Old Pal web page to see all of their solutions. They preserve it uncomplicated more than at old pal and it shows in their solutions.

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Old Pal cartridge

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