CBD Shops Increasingly Beneath Attack


CBD, the non-intoxicating cannabis compound, has produced legions of fans from Wall Street analysts to self-care aficionados — but its newfound recognition has also attracted consideration from a significantly less-desirable demographic: Burglars. 

In the previous many weeks, a quantity of CBD retailers across the nation have been broken and burglarized. The initial attack occurred in Grand Blanc, MI, exactly where a pop-up shop promoting CBD bath items, known as the Sugar Mermaid, was ransacked in late July.

The shop’s owner, Adrian Deiulius, told nearby news station MLive that the thieves who have not but been caught) had stolen all her CBD items and fully destroyed almost everything almost everything else in the retailer.

“It’s going to take me a small bit of time [to reopen] just simply because I actually do not have a single factor left. I’m going to have to recreate almost everything I have in the retailer,” she mentioned.

In early August, an additional attack against a CBD retailer, known as the Sweet Releaf CBD Lounge, occurred in downtown Charlottesville, VA. This incident was even a lot more surprising, as the shop was robbed twice in 24 hours by the group of robbers. According to the shop’s owner, Tracy Riffel, the robbers stole about $four,500 worth of CBD and vaping items. They have been caught on safety cameras each instances, even though no arrests have been produced but.

“They’re pretty young, and it worries me simply because they’re so young,” Riffel told nearby ABC affiliate WHSV three. “Maybe some sort of lesson can be taught to preserve them from going to prison ahead of they’re in their early 20s.” 

Attacks against CBD retailers have even turn into an international phenomenon, with a shop in Blackpool, England also getting attacked in late July. This time, the motivation behind the attack appears to have been the attackers’ inability to distinguish amongst CBD (which is non-intoxicating and legal in the U.K.) and actual cannabis. They didn’t steal any items, apparently content material to smash windows, superglue the lock on the front door, and create “STOP THE DRUGS” in red paint on the front of the retailer.

“It’s just mindless simply because it is entirely legal, and government authorized,” the store’s manager, Joanne Thompson, told The Independent. “It’s just down to ignorance.

Attacks Against CBD Shops Are a Developing Trend

This is not the initial time that CBD retailers have seasoned a rash of violence. In truth, though the attacks appear to have picked up in current weeks, they’ve been taking place on a constant basis all through the year.

In early July, a CBD retailer in Cleveland, OH known as Bienestar Hemp was visited by a surprisingly dapper criminal (video from surveillance cameras showed he was wearing a blazer) who trashed the retailer and stole a selection of CBD items, causing a total of $five,000 in damages.

About a month earlier, an additional CBD retailer — this a single in Hoover, AL — was robbed in related style. A client who claimed to be interested in buying a “large amount” of hemp flower visited a shop known as Gallery Smoke twice in a single day. Through his second go to, he snatched the box of item off the counter and dashed out to his vehicle. He was later apprehended and arrested by nearby law enforcement. 

And a month ahead of that attack, a mixture BBQ restaurant/CBD retailer known as Hemp Options in New Tazewell, TN was burglarized in the early morning, leaving the owner, Tom Shepard, in a state of shock.

“They came into the restaurant, they broken the restaurant, they broken the CBD retailer,” he mentioned on Facebook Reside. “There’s no explanation for none of this, I can inform you that appropriate now.” According to nearby CBS affiliate WVLT eight, Shepard’s company sustained $eight,000 in damages “after the thief broke down the door, smashed objects inside, and ate the restaurant’s banana pudding.”

Even though it is not possible to know the motivations of each and every person vandal (or group of vandals), there’s a widespread thread by means of all of them: A basic misunderstanding about the distinction amongst hemp-derived CBD and marijuana. No matter whether the robbers are immediately after a affordable way to get higher — or in the case of the Blackpool incident, attempting to stop other people from receiving higher — they appear to be deeply confused about what CBD in fact is. 

Megan Dedmon, owner of Wild Lady Wellness in Oklahoma City, was also robbed in July. She told The Oklahoman that she thinks CBD retailers are getting targeted simply because people today think that there are “high levels of THC on the premises, but that is not the case.”

1 can only hope that would-be thieves get this message sooner rather than later.


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