The Moby Dick marijuana strain comes in two phenotypes, and can be either Sativa dominant, or Indica dominant with THC levels measuring 20% – 27%. Commonly, this strain leans far more Sativa dominant, and it will lean Indica only 30% of the time. Winner of “Girl of The Year” by the cannabis newspaper Soft Secrets in 2010, men and women can count on exceptional effects. A great deal like Moby Dick himself, this strain will take a large chunk out of your pondering energy, leaving you with a cloudy head higher. Flavors of earthy, citrus and sweet round out this whale of a strain.


Originating in Amsterdam, Dinafem Seeds at present breeds this marijuana strain. This majestic marijuana strain comes from two heavy-hitting parents: White Widow and Sativa Haze. Let us take a short glance at the two strains accountable for making Moby Dick.

White Widow Strain

Initially bred in the Netherlands, this strain is a nicely-balanced hybrid. It has been discovered in Dutch coffee shops because the early 1990s and has birthed numerous other legendary strains. White Widow offers customers with bursts of power that promotes creativity and extremely energized concentrate. The general higher will be felt mainly in the head, with some customers feeling a slight physique buzz. Can be utilized as a wake and bake sort of strain. The flavor profile consists of earthy, citrus, and sweet. Fantastic for mental ailments like depression, strain, and fatigue.

Sativa Haze Strain

When a marijuana strain is bred with Sativa Haze, this implies it has several Haze marijuana strains present. There is not one particular certain parent strain in this case, but a mixture of a couple of. The Haze household has some of the most potent THC discovered inside them, which tends to make them extremely desirable for the health-related marijuana neighborhood. It is exceptional for a extended list of health-related ailments, especially anti-inflammatory and strain relief. They offer a extended-lasting and energetic higher, that will not leave customers in a couch potato state. Haze aromas are normally spicy, fruity, sweet, earthy, woody and citrusy.


One particular or two hits, is all buyers will need for this extremely potent strain to open your thoughts to light, and quickly uplifting effects. Best to be utilized for the duration of the day or evening, if taken in substantial quantities.

Anticipate your cheeks to hurt, right after the hours of smiling, that will ensue with the use of the Moby Dick marijuana strain. Customers will be productive, and damaging thoughts or power will give way to a constructive, go-get-em attitude. Carefree vibes, and enjoy for the globe, leave customers feeling content material.

This power is toned down with the Indica discovered inside it, and it will not leave customers feeling jittery or paranoid. Customers who are sensitive to higher THC levels must proceed with caution, simply because in higher doses, this can leave customers with trippy and psychedelic feelings. Seasoned customers, do not waste your solution, as you only will need a bit of this, to leave you feeling happy.

Moby Dick enters your physique and finds the self-confidence inside of you, that you have been suppressing. This makes it possible for you to push oneself into function, or hobbies that you have been placing off. It acts as your internal cheerleader, releasing any anxiousness or strain that has been blocking you from your inventive ventures.

This strain has a way of opening up your heart to men and women you have been blocking off due to petty stubbornness or insignificant fights. Feelings of enjoy and forgiveness take more than, and you can mend relationships that have been weighing you down.

Recreational Makes use of

In tiny doses, this strain can give you an energized and focused head higher, which can market creativity, and offer you with the power you otherwise wouldn’t have, to get your projects began. You do not have to be Pablo Picasso to pair this with artwork such as painting, drawing, or sketching. If you get stuck in a inventive rut, this can be just the factor to get these inventive juices flowing.

Feelings of self-confidence and pride will overcome the thoughts and can assistance artists who get stage fright. If you have been pondering about joining your nearby taverns open mic evening, but haven’t had the nerve to do so, take some Moby Dick with you. Just a tiny bit can fill in the nervous space in your thoughts, permitting you to get on stage and show your correct talents to the globe.

Feelings of power will abound, and you will obtain oneself participating in sporting activities like:

  • Surfing
  • Golf
  • Batting Cages
  • Mini golf
  • Volleyball
  • Fishing
  • Sailing
  • Hiking
  • Walking

It is to be noted that in bigger doses, or these with THC sensitivity, you may well not want to venture also far out. Psychedelic thoughts, and trippy sights, may well leave you not wanting to move about also significantly. Sight, sound, and even taste can be altered to a new dimension.

If you haven’t had a trip prior to it may well be scary at very first, but most customers have a tendency to love the general expertise and use it as an option to drinking. Drinking can leave you feeling sick the subsequent day, but marijuana has no lasting effects, as soon as the higher has worn off.

Health-related Makes use of

The substantial Sativa lineage offers way to the higher power and general thoughts lifting effects, which is sought right after by therapeutic sufferers. Moby Dick can be enormously beneficial in treating strain, depression, and anxiousness. Because it consists of a bit of Indica, anxious feelings from the higher THC levels are kept in verify.

Physically speaking, this strain can be beneficial for cancer sufferers. It will give them a feeling of optimism and can be valuable in in lowering physique discomfort. Nausea will be kicked to the curb, and side effects from chemo will be erased. Cancer sufferers can consume a meal, and retain it down, which will give them the strength to reside on and fight yet another day.

Muscle spasms, aches and pains, arthritis, and fatigue can be alleviated from the Moby Dick marijuana strain. To realize a complete-physique higher for therapy, take a far more enormous dose. Physique discomfort remedies will demand some customers to use topical lotions or edibles so they can achieve the maximum final results. Edibles give final results that will final longer than smoke or vape, and can assistance men and women make it via a workday, or sleep via the evening. Bear in mind, edibles take twice as extended to kick in.

Adverse Effects

Dry eyes and a dry tongue may perhaps leave customers reaching for some liquids and eye drops. I do not recommend receiving the eye drops that have a cooling impact in them, simply because the THC may perhaps make your eyes far more sensitive, therefore causing a burning sensation.

Dehydration may perhaps make a headache or migraine, so be certain to drink prior to, for the duration of, and right after your consumption to combat them from occurring. You do not necessarily will need to drink water, just attempt to drink some sort of liquid. Beware if you mix a higher THC marijuana with alcohol, as it can make the spins, so attempt to keep away from smoking and drinking at the identical time.

These who haven’t knowledgeable a higher with THC may perhaps more than trip, and this can lead to you to really feel like you are living in a nightmare. Commence tiny and function your way up to a far more enormous dose. If you are in the middle of a negative higher, attempt to close your eyes, take a nap, and wait out the extended ride. You cannot overdose or die from marijuana so have no worry, you will reside to see subsequent year.


Related to its parent strain, Moby Dick has aromas with pleasant citrus, floral, sweet, and even earthy notes. A surprising note of vanilla and eucalyptus will also be present, placing this on numerous buyers will have to-have list. With a wide variety of pleasant notes, that are not skunky, this tends to make it desirable for these who normally do not like the common marijuana smell. Can be utilized inside residences and apartments, without having leaving behind a trail of undesirable weed smell.

Taste-smart Moby Dick matches it is scent, and surprises men and women with intensified tastes. This strain is potent, in the sense that customers can chew on the smoke, which resembles a smooth taste comparable to sucking on candy. Smooth smoke implies men and women will not cough up a lung when inhaling. Sweet and creamy vanilla flavors are reminiscent of vanilla ice cream, and this aids in its recognition inside the health-related globe.


Look-smart, you can count on buds to be dense and pretty thick. Light, medium, and dark green buds are covered in vibrant orange pistils, matching the classic appear of what you would count on marijuana buds to appear like.

Leaves are coated in enormous crystals and trichomes, which would be anticipated with its heavy THC content material. When the Moby Dick strain is very first observed, the general look shines like diamonds in the jewelry case. Because there is a Sativa and an Indica phenotype, the plant itself may perhaps take on a quantity of leaf shapes.


Take seat newbies, simply because this is not the marijuana strain for you to start off attempting to develop, as your very first strain. Although it is resistant to mold and mildew, the Moby Dick plant requires a bit far more care and upkeep. It can be grown indoors or outdoors, as extended as suitable developing strategies are utilized.

Dinafem has some certain suggestions for growers, and suggests getting an electrical conductivity level amongst 1.five and two, and pH levels under six.five. Maintaining these in verify will enable your plant to make a bigger than typical yield of 23 ounces per meter squared indoors, and a whopping 53 ounces per plant outdoors.

Because it is a Sativa heavy strain, you may well want to develop this outdoors, so it has ample space for its comprehensive and extended leaves to be in a position to develop and spread out completely. You will not want to shove this into a tiny indoor space and stunt the plant’s complete development prospective. The leaves had been bred to develop and expand upward in a warm, sunny, and Mediterranean like climate.

For these who do pick to develop indoors, watch out for substantial leaves and branches. Some sort of pruning and clipping may perhaps be essential. Indoor development must also monitor sunlight and general humidity, which will demand further UV light and a suitable ventilation method.

Moby Dick has a quick flowering period of 9 to 10 weeks. Bear in mind, because there are two phenotypes, the plant may perhaps develop far more comparable to the Indica range growers shouldn’t be alarmed if it requires on far more of these traits, developing complete and bushy.

For these who may perhaps be stumped on which phenotype the plant is building into, are urged to do some study. There are a lot of youtube videos, articles, and even forums relating to marijuana development. When in doubt ask about, simply because no one particular desires a dead plant, resulting in income lost, and Moby Dick seeds wasted.

Related Strains

Although the Moby Dick marijuana strain is one particular of the most well-known, your dispensary may perhaps be out of it. Do not throw a temper tantrum, as an alternative appear for one particular of these comparable marijuana strains.

  • Cherry Durban Poison
  • Thor’s Hammer
  • Alpha Cow
  • Hawaiian Mayan Gold
  • The Sauce
  • Blue Kiss
  • Mango Kush
  • Master Kush
  • Forbidden Fruit
  • Blue Dream
  • Zen
  • Master Skunk
  • Boss OG

These residing in Oregon, Arizona, or Washington must have no issue obtaining these strains, because they are most popularly sold there.


Searching at testimonials, a couple of items appear to be constant with this marijuana strain:

  • People today use this as their go-to daytime strain
  • Tends to make men and women really feel content AF
  • Magical psychedelic effects take you to yet another globe
  • Giant bud production
  • Fantastic medication to de-strain and unwind

This is one particular of the most reviewed strains on the industry, which backs up its claim of getting one particular of the most well-known strains.

Final Thoughts

These hunting for potent therapeutic marijuana, with above-typical levels of THC, can obtain precisely that in the Moby Dick marijuana strain. Assisting in head and physique ailments, this strain is best for health-related sufferers of all types, and the flavor profile tends to make it appropriate for all ages. A floaty, relaxed mindset will help men and women in feeling very good morning till evening, though nonetheless providing them the power to be productive.


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