Healthcare Cannabis User Dies Just after Police Raid


A handful of weeks ago, a  Kansas couple had police enter their residence without the need of a warrant, primarily based on what the police allegedly stated was a complaint from a person that they heard screaming from inside the residence.

Jennifer Hess answered the door and explained that no 1 was screaming, and attempted to close the door. Doug McVay, writing for reports:

“At that point, they forced the door open. Two of them entered the residence, and they demanded I go outdoors,” Hess tells Freedom Leaf.

On June 14 on Facebook, she wrote: “They stated they have been obtaining a search warrant, alleging they had noticed drug paraphernalia in the residence.”

Police searched the residence and identified 293 grams (about 10 ounces) of cannabis. Hess and Wilson each had healthcare situations and employed marijuana for that goal, she stated.

“They produced up a purpose to come to my door, possibly mainly because there was no 1 we associate with to do a controlled invest in.”

Healthcare cannabis is nevertheless illegal in Kansas.

Jennifer and her husband Homer have been arrested, and the two kids, Ashton, 15, and Holden, 11, have been place into protective custody.

Two weeks later, with Homer possessing several healthcare situations and becoming denied his medicine, he died in jail.

On Friday, June 7, according to a press release from Greenwood County Sheriff Heath Samuels, as reported by the Emporia radio station KVOE, “Greenwood County EMS and Eureka Rescue responded to a contact that an inmate was experiencing ‘medical difficulties.’

Prior to EMS’ arrival on the scene, deputies started administering CPR ahead of Homer was taken to Greenwood County Hospital by ambulance. The Sheriff’s Workplace reports Wilson was later pronounced deceased. Due to this becoming an in-custody death the investigation into the trigger will be handled by the Kansas Bureau of Investigation (KBI).

Homer was 35 years old. Jennifer Hess tells

“He had mitral valve prolapse (a heart situation), hypertension, bipolar disorder and ADHD, and also some difficulties with his ear. He was not about to die ahead of we went in. He was on numerous medicines, largely for blood stress, and on Lithium.”

Hess, who is 39, suffers from serious depression, basic anxiousness, social anxiousness, ADHD and fibromyalgia.

“We have been totally employing (cannabis) medically,” she stated.

Facing criminal charges and possessing just lost her husband, Jennifer should now also fight to regain custody of her kids.

On June 7, I was preparing to bond out and was taken to the interview area and informed by the Sheriff and a KBI agent that my husband had a healthcare emergency, and he didn’t make it.

They proceeded to ask me concerns about his well being and habits, then left me in the interview area for about 30 minutes.

Now, I’m separated from my little ones and unable to be with them throughout this tricky time, and facing critical charges all alone. I’d like to know what tends to make us such a danger to society that my husband deserved to shed his life. (Supply.)

You can study the complete story right here.


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