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*Updated July 2019*

CBD isn’t a magic cure-all, but it may just be the missing element in your wellness routine. Containing little to no THC, CBD oil derived from hemp (as opposed to its illegal cousin, marijuana) does not have psychoactive effects and will not give you a “high” sensation. Rather, CBD may help you cope with various types of aches and ailments, from eczema and inflammation to PTSD and ADD.

Its power to help users manage pain has been backed both by science and personal testimonies from consumers around the world.

Learning about CBD is exciting, but can get overwhelming. You can rest assured that CBD hemp oil is legal in the U.S. and many countries, and there’s no shortage of variety, so you get the benefits of CBD oil in the form that works best for you.


Who is Green Roads?

Founded in 2011, Green Roads of Florida LLC began manufacturing CBD products to offer effective alternatives to prescription and over-the-counter drugs. Green Roads uses only certified organic hemp grown in Colorado, which is later brought to headquarters in Florida for formulation. All products are formulated by a licensed compound pharmacist with over 20 years of industry experience.

Green Roads CBD products are produced by supercritical CO2 extraction––the safest and most environmentally friendly way to extract CBD. Most Green Roads CBD products are broad-spectrum. Broad-spectrum offers all the benefits and naturally occurring terpenes of full-spectrum CBD without any unwanted THC. All Green Roads products are tested for quality and potency through a third-party lab, Evio Labs.


Green Roads Products
and Alternatives


Green Roads CBD Oil Review

Green Roads CBD tinctures contain a base of high-quality hemp seed oil and vegetable glycerin to ensure a smooth consistency and rapid absorption. They’re available in 100mg, 350mg, 550mg, 1000mg, 1500mg, and 3500mg strength bottles.

Depending on the strength you select, you’ll get 17-58mg of CBD per mL. They suggest a serving size of 0.5mL-1mL. Regardless of the strength, each bottle is 15mL, so you’re getting 15-30 servings if you follow their serving size suggestion.

To consume CBD oil, Green Roads recommends users hold the oil under their tongue for at least 30 seconds before swallowing. This is crucial for users to receive benefits from CBD oil, as the mouth is full of capillary glands which allow the CBD to quickly absorb. Green Roads CBD oil is a fantastic and potent product. However, drops are unflavored, so those who are sensitive to hemp taste, should take caution and consider opting for a flavored CBD oil instead.


Tasty Drops

Tasty Hemp Oil also uses industry-leading CO2 extraction for their CBD products. Their popular tincture, Tasty Drops, is packed with full-spectrum CBD hemp oil, phytonutrients, organic and natural flavors. Coconut oil and grapeseed oil are mixed in to keep the product smooth and the CBD evenly distributed.

Perfect for sensitive taste buds, Tasty CBD Oil drops are better tasting than most with four flavors options: berry, spearmint, vanilla, or natural. Tasty Drops are available in 1oz (30ml) bottles containing 300mg or 1000mg CBD. Suggested serving size is 30 drops (½ a dropper) taken once or twice daily, depending on need. Hold the oil under your tongue for about 60-90 seconds before swallowing. As in the case with most CBD products, users may alter serving size as needed.


green roads cbd gummie review

Green Roads CBD Gummie Review

If tinctures aren’t for you, Green Roads also has an extensive gummy selection that allows users to consume CBD in a fun and delicious way. Green Roads 10mg gummies are meant to be taken daily and are formulated to help reduce stress and discomfort. Coming in a variety of fruit flavors, gummies are offered in 300mg or 400mg bottles. Also offered are Sleepy z’s melatonin and cannabidiol infused gummies to help even the most restless sleepers get a good night’s rest. While these edibles are effective and tasty, they are gelatin based—making them unfit for some consumers.


Tasty Hemp Oil Gummies

Unlike Green Roads CBD gummies, Tasty Hemp Oil Gummies are made from pectin instead of gelatin. You can purchase these gummies in a 1000mg bottle or in a 4ct, 100mg sample pack—perfect for weekend warriors or new CBD users. Each gummy has 25mg of CBD. Tasty Hemp Oil Gummies are delicious and portable, making them easy to take consistently every day. Suggested serving size is 1-2 gummies per day, taken at the same time daily or once in the morning and at night.



green roads cbd capsules reviewGreen Roads CBD Capsules Review

These CBD capsules are made of only three ingredients: Hemp-derived cannabidiol, safflower oil, and vegetable cellulose. Each capsule provides a longer-lasting CBD dosage of 25mg. This is an ideal supplement for people looking to maintain the effects of CBD for longer. Simply take one capsule around the same time daily.

Each bottle contains 30 capsules, for 750mg of total CBD.



Charlotte’s Web Simply Hemp Capsules

If you’re a fan of consuming CBD in pill form, another great product is Charlotte’s Web Simply Capsules. Each 30ct bottle offers easy to digest cannabidiol capsules that are to be taken once or twice a day. Unlike Green Roads CBD Capsules, Simply Capsules offer a smaller 15mg dosage, which may be more ideal for some CBD users. However, for those who need a higher CBD dosage for their wellness goal, Simply Capsules are also offered in 35mg doses.

CBD typically takes a week to build into one’s system. So, if you’re new to CBD and unsure how much to take, start first with the smaller 15mg strength. After a week, if you don’t think it’s working well enough, take two capsules.



green roads cbd pain cream review

Green Roads CBD Pain Cream Review

Cannabidiol is a fantastic addition to your skincare routine because of its anti-inflammatory properties. Green Roads CBD Pain Cream is great for achy joints and muscle pains. Pain Cream is infused with menthol, chamomile extract, and lavender oil. It’s paraben-free and comes in both 150mg and 300mg bottles. To use: apply one pump of the cream to the affected area and rub. Reapply Pain Cream every 4-6 hours as needed.


Abinoid Botanicals is a trusted and beloved brand for natural skincare products made from cannabidiol and other soothing herbs to help protect people’s skin. Their products are formulated by a certified herbalist in western Michigan. The brand currently offers a wide range of products, such as a face serum, muscle salve, and hemp body moisturizer to aid skin and muscle ailments.

Abinoid Botanicals Face Serum contains 100mg of cannabidiol, as well as other nourishing ingredients like green tea oil, coconut oil, and mango butter. This Face Serum will help keep skin moisturized and glowing. To use: dampen face and add a few drops to fingertips, rub, and apply serum directly onto face.

For achy and sore muscles, try Abinoid Botanical’s CBD salve. This soothing CBD salve utilizes 150mg of phytocannabinoids, helping to calm skin and soothe muscle and joint aches. It’s paraben-free and GMO-free, created from full-spectrum hemp oil extracted from European and domestic hemp plants. Apply onto affected areas generously and reapply as needed.

Lastly, Abinoid Botanicals also has a wonderfully formulated 250mg Hemp CBD Moisturizer. Containing CBD, omega fatty acids, antioxidants, and 15 therapeutic plant extracts, this moisturizer has anti-inflammatory properties and is gentle on skin. Most CBD lotions can leave an oily and greasy residue on skin, making it unappealing to consumers. However, this hemp moisturizer applies smoothly and absorbs quickly into skin. Plus, with elements like mango, apricot, lemon, sandalwood, it smells great too! Simply apply the moisturizer wherever and as often as needed.


Money Back Risk-Free Guarantee & Coupon Code

Trusted CBD Oil has a risk free money back guarantee on all of our products. If you aren’t completely satisfied, we will give you a full refund. Use promo code “GreenRoadsReview” for 10% off your first order.


About Trusted CBD Oil

We want our customers to have a safe and positive CBD experience. We’re different in that we don’t sell our own products. Rather, we solve an important problem in today’s CBD market.

Unfortunately, the current market is flooded with fake or misleading cannabidiol products. This can be confusing for consumers, not to mention dangerous. That’s why all products featured on Trusted CBD Oil have been pre-vetted and tested by a third-party lab to ensure quality and potency. We’ve vetted through hundreds of products to find ones that live up to their claims and our standards. We only carry 100% legal CBD products from the most reputable of manufacturers in the United States. In addition, all our products are in compliance with the Farm Bill and are grown adhering to strict agricultural guidelines. You can rest assured that if we carry a product, we have done our due diligence to ensure that they are safe and authentic. We pride ourselves on being a safe place for customers to browse and purchase the best CBD products the market has to offer.

Here at Trusted CBD Oil, we are so confident you will love our selection of high quality CBD oil. We offer a risk free money back guarantee. So you can try any of our products, if you don’t like them, or the CBD simply doesn’t work for you. Let us know and we will give you a full refund.


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