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Not much compares to the stress associated with the first day of a new job, family gatherings and public speaking, especially if you have social anxiety. According to the Social Anxiety Association, social anxiety is the third most prevalent mental health struggle in today’s society. The fear of social situations involving interactions with other people can significantly impact your quality of life and take a toll on your physical health. Recently, more people are turning to CBD to ease stress and anxiety of all forms including social, test, travel and more. We’re discussing social anxiety and how natural remedies like CBD for social anxiety may ease your fear.

What is Social Anxiety?


Today, the word anxiety is thrown around constantly, causing the impact of this serious condition to be minimized. The Anxiety and Depression Association of America defines social anxiety as the intense anxiety or fear of being judged, negatively evaluated or rejected in a social or performance situation – not just a little discomfort or shyness.

According to the Social Anxiety Association, social anxiety is the third most prevalent mental health struggle in today’s society.

Those dealing with social anxiety may worry about any of the following situations:

  • Being introduced to new people
  • Being observed during tasks
  • Making eye contact
  • Public speaking
  • Being teased or criticized
  • Swallowing, writing, eating or talking in public
  • Meeting important people or authority figures

Signs of Social Anxiety

This condition often goes undiagnosed or is brushed aside as overthinking. However, socially anxious people will experience intense, involuntary symptoms when faced with uncomfortable situations including:


If you are dealing with these symptoms, you should go speak to a professional who can help make your everyday interactions easier through therapy, medication or natural alternatives.

  • Nausea
  • Blushing, sweating, trembling, dry mouth and throat, twitches
  • Increased heart rate and blood pressure
  • Avoidance of public places
  • Stiff posture
  • Absentmindedness
  • Anxiety attacks
  • Soft spoken words

Effects of Social Anxiety

Social anxiety can become a persistent struggle, causing people to worry about events weeks before they happen. The effects of social anxiety may bleed into all aspects of life and lead to:

  • Difficulty finding and holding down a job
  • Alcohol and substance abuse
  • Troubles in family, friend and romantic relationships
  • GI troubles, acne and more health disturbances from constant stress

Natural practices for easing anxiety

While certain home remedies and self-help practices may ease your symptoms, sometimes professional intervention is needed to prescribe medications and provide therapy for severe symptoms. However, practicing mindfulness, seeking support and incorporating soothing products into your daily routine may help you see gradual improvements and feel more comfortable.

Mindfulness is a mental practice that allows us to regain control of our thoughts. By decreasing outside distractions like phones, noise and people, you can look inward and calm your negative thoughts and emotions. Even 10 minutes of mindful meditation per day can reduce anxiety over time. During your meditation, focus on your breathing, the sensations of your body connecting with the ground or whatever is happening in the moment.

Bring that mindfulness with you into everyday life and use it to refocus on the here-and-now whenever your anxiety increases.

Naturally calming products may help ease the physical effects of anxiety which may in turn calm your mind. Hemp Bombs CBD products offer a natural option for those dealing with these worries. Some potential benefits of CBD for social anxiety may help you feel more comfortable:

  • Soothe nausea
  • Alleviate headaches
  • Relieve muscle tension and mental stress
  • Promote feeling of relaxation

Preliminary studies suggest that CBD may even lower your heart rate and blood pressure to help curb the physiological response of social anxiety.

CBT, or cognitive behavioral therapy, focuses on finding alternatives ways of coping with nervousness and fear, as well as dispelling irrational and negative thoughts about judgement. You will learn how to think and react differently to situations and learn social skills that may ease your worries.

Support groups with other socially anxious people may help you find real-life ways to deal with different situations. You will also receive positive feedback about how others perceive you and learn that you may have a distorted world view.

With time and proper treatment methods, you can overcome the feelings and thoughts associated with this condition. At Hemp Bombs, we aim to provide comfort and relief as you work toward resolving your mental health struggles. We offer a range of edible products that provide long-lasting relief and a large selection of vape products that deliver instant, on-the-go relief for sudden flare-ups of anxiety.

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