What is CBD Hemp Oil? Cannabis Animus Answers Hottest New “Search”


CBD Oil, aka Hemp Oil or Cannabidiol, is a each day dietary supplement, organic medication and extract from Cannabis plant varieties.  It is the second most abundant of more than 85 cannabinoids discovered in the Cannabis plant, and a single species, in specific, is by far the biggest supply of cannabidiol (CBD) and is commercially harvested about the globe.

The typical “hemp” species named Cannabis ruderalis differs from its siblings, Cannabis sativa and Cannabis indica, in a single incredibly apparent way.  These latter two species are typically recognized as “marijuana” for the flower tops that are dried and smoked for its increasingly preferred higher and euphoric effects.

In comparison to CBD, hemp consists of incredibly tiny THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) which is the most prevalent cannabinoid and also the most psychoactive element in marijuana.  Hemp, nonetheless, has a distinct benefit more than marijuana in at least a single incredibly unique way.


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