The Joys of Meeting Our Clients



Back in the “OG days,” as we’ll most likely fondly recall the time ahead of legalization, one particular of my greatest joys was bringing in a turkey bag complete of flowers to our urban dealer close friends, or later to the purchasers at emerging dispensaries.

Initially, we’d have to “run the gauntlet” as driving the weed down the highway from ranch to the city was identified. That was one particular aspect paranoia, one particular aspect hyper-awareness of the road and one particular aspect transcendent self-confidence. But when we got to the dealer buddy or the saw our close friends at the dispensary, it was constantly so worth it to open up a major bag of luscious buds and let the thick terpenes fill the air with scrumptious scents from the garden. “Whoa” was the usual response, as delighted close friends would place their entire head into the bag and breathe deeply.

We utilised to really like going into locations like Harborside in Oakland, one particular of the oldest dispensaries about, and the employees would be thrilled to see us. “Oh boy, we’re receiving some Swami bud in right here!” they’d exclaim, and it constantly felt so very good. We’d hang about the sales area and meet pleased clients. It gave us the chance to hear what they utilised cannabis for, what strains they liked the most effective and so substantially much more. We’d meet other farmers dropping off their items and stay close friends with some of them to this day. It was all so canna-familial.

We knew, of course, that issues would transform with the advent of Prop 64, and as of Jan. 1, 2018 certainly it has. Now it is the distribution group who delivers cannabis flowers, meticulously packaged in fancy glass jars, to the retailers. I speak with the purchasers mainly by telephone or more than the world-wide-web. Such is life in 2019. But that is why it is so essential to schedule in-shop meet and greet sessions to get face to face with our clients. This is how we remain present with the true beat of what is taking place in cannabis, and it is so various in many components of California.

Swami and I are on the road a entire lot these days, experiencing components of our state that I didn’t even know existed. A couple of months ago we had been in Riverside County to visit Green America, a dispensary in the town of Perris. The landscape in this aspect of Southern California is reminiscent of old Wild West films with barren, rocky hills dotted with scrub brush. I anticipated to see the Lone Ranger ride by smoking a fatty. Nicely, there need to be a lot of stoners living in the area, since the shop is undertaking terrific and new ones are sprouting up like desert flowers right after a rainfall.

In out-of-the-way locations like Perris, true farmers from the famed Emerald Triangle like us are a uncommon sighting. In much more urban settings, the budtenders and the clientele mainly meet sales reps from the many businesses who set up a table in the sales region to show off their item lines. But Swami and I take pleasure in undertaking it ourselves as substantially as achievable, and clients are constantly shocked to meet us actual farmers. We clarify to them how the plants develop, the procedure of harvest and the positive aspects of developing in complete sun with organic techniques. In a couple of retailers there are even attached smoking lounges where we can share a smoke with the clients, which is constantly an additional treat.

We’ve met yogis and mystics, bikers and soccer moms. In some cases seriously ill folks come in to ask us about what cultivar is most effective for their symptom and to get a blessing from Swami. 1 nicely-dressed senior lady lately spoke with me whilst her husband was buying some flowers to take house. “I do not like to smoke it,” she expressed matter-of-factly. “Sometimes I will take pleasure in an edible, but mainly I like speed.” What? I believed I had heard her incorrect, but she continued, “It’s so effortless, I’ve been receiving diet program tablets from my physician for years and it is just my point.” Nicely, as they say, what ever gets you higher … but I pray she moves on to cannabis rather.

On our show table, I like to set up an altar to Ganja Ma, the goddess of cannabis, to produce a sacred tone and be a conversation starter. Swami also has begun to give meditation sessions at some retailers, which is proving to be a true bonus to all of us. Most folks arrive right after partaking in some cannabis, so they are in the ideal headspace to get even greater by means of meditation and chanting. We are so fortunate to reside in California, the house of conscious consumption and greater living. The location exactly where Timothy Leary boldly declared at the initially Human Be-In in 1967: “Tune In, Turn On and Drop Out.” These days, we may possibly all want to function beneath lots of guidelines and regulations, but the ethos remains the identical.

Some shops are slick, some are funky and a couple of are spectacular. In truth, it is a entire new profession to be a cannabis shop designer. Clearly some take their cues from Apple retailers, such as MedMen, whilst other people are substantially much more comfy and welcoming. So substantially of the vibe depends on the budtenders and sales employees.

Turns out the budtenders may possibly be the most essential hyperlink of all, from farmer to customer. They want to be knowledgeable and patient and compassionate. They want to be the sommeliers of cannabis and know which cultivar that they carry is most effective for each and every customer’s wants. There even is an annual Budtender Awards ceremony held in Las Vegas to honor the most effective of them. Anytime we take a look at retailers, we make confident to meet them and share stories and welcome them to our ranch for additional education. Quite a few have under no circumstances noticed a major girl plant developing in complete sun, flowers stretching towards the sky! And when they do, it generally alterations their minds about outside versus indoor weed.

We are all aspect of a significant cannabis neighborhood, and it is developing each and every day. It is a blessing to be a aspect of this pioneer movement and to get out and be with the folks. Immediately after placing nine months of really like and care into cultivating fine flowers, it is a bonus to meet the people who finish up enjoying their numerous positive aspects. As they say, it is a entire procedure, from seed to sale, and we relish getting a aspect of each and every step along the way.

Inform US, have you ever met the farmer who grew cannabis you consumed? 


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