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With its sweet, grape flavors, the elusive Game Changer strain is extensively believed to be 1 of the ideal-tasting strains on the legal cannabis industry currently. Game Changer is a 60/40 indica-dominant hybrid. Its lineage is California’s Purple Dragon and a landrace sativa strain from Thailand known as Green Thai. Adding to its exclusivity and allure, this strain is only offered by clone and typically located in California. Game Changer also clocks in at an impressive 21.two % THC and .63 % CBD.

Look/ Aroma/ Taste

Game Changer’s buds are a mixture of vibrant green and dark purple. The intact buds delight the nostrils with scents of tropical fruit and grape. Crystals and trichomes cover the flowers of this strain, with some hints of red hairs. When place by way of a grinder, floral aromas turn out to be much more apparent from this hybrid’s complicated terpene profile.

Health-related sufferers and legal recreational customers report that the strain has a taste reminiscent of sweet tropical fruit and grape. Some customers even look to assume that Game Changer tastes a bit like sour grape-flavored Large League Chew or grape-flavored candy.

Medicating Effects

Customers report that the effects of this strain are incredibly relaxing, placing them in an upbeat, talkative mood, with some feelings of euphoria added in as effectively. The indica dominance is evident with this hybrid, as some customers report slight feelings of dizziness. Game Changer appears to be hit or miss when it comes to feelings of drowsiness, as some customers get sleepy with this strain, although other people do not. It likely will not knock you out like a pure, sleep-inducing indica would. To be confident even though, you must unquestionably attempt it prior to you use it as a daytime strain.

Its strong CBD content material tends to make Game Changer an exceptional choice for sufferers treating chronic discomfort, cancer, fibromyalgia or seizures. The sativa influence and effectively-balanced hybrid mix also tends to make this strain a great decision to relieve tension, treat depression, or stimulate appetite. Customers of the Game Changer strain have reported minimal harshness when smoked, with feelings of anxiousness and paranoia also kept in verify. These aspects make Game Changer a great strain for newbies and connoisseurs alike. That is, if you can locate it, of course.

Have you attempted Game Changer? Is it your favored strain? If not, what is? Let us know in the comments section and perhaps we’ll do a assessment on it! 

Disclaimer: This post is intended for facts and entertainment purposes only and is not intended to deliver healthcare tips.


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