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MIAMI (CBSMiami) – Fourteen years ago, one particular of the Miami Dolphins defensive linemen was Larry Chester.

He stood tall and powerful at 300-pounds and you far better think he knew how to hold his ground.

Now, Chester is hunting for answers. Right after seven seasons in the physique bruising NFL he now bargains with chronic discomfort.

“I was consuming opioids, in some search of relief and I was not acquiring it,” Chester told CBS4’s Jim Berry.

This brought on enormous depression. For two years soon after he hung up his jersey, the former defensive tackle explains he became an emotional shut-in.

I lashed out on my kids unnecessarily, lashed out on my wife, I even lashed out at individuals at the grocery retailer,” mentioned Chester.

Chester says though in the NFL, he smoked marijuana to deliver mental and physical relief. Even then, he knew it helped him settle down.

“I could have a human exchange and I didn’t want to throw you into the wall and I can just accept that,” mentioned Chester.

Chester is now a profound believer in the awesome energy of cannabidiol or CBD, one particular of the most abundant chemical compounds discovered in the marijuana plant. He utilizes it in a variety of types.

Chester demands just a tiny quantity of the lotion or salve. He rubs it into his knees when he feels the discomfort acting up. He says the discomfort is gone inside 15 minutes.

Herve Damas was a player in the NFL for just one particular season ahead of a profession-ending knee injury. Right after that heartbreaking expertise, Damas went to healthcare college and became a medical professional. He was skeptical of CBD at initially but swiftly changed his thoughts.

So how does CBD perform? Dr. Damas replies, “We in fact generate these substances in our bodies. There are issues that occur in our lifetime, perhaps injury, illness, pressure that causes a decreased production of our endocannabinoids, when that takes place you fall out of a state known as homeostasis, also identified as your state of balance or effectively-getting. Then you begin to bring oneself back from the level that you have to have to be at that is why it performs.”

Dr. Damas Adds, “The U-S government has one particular patent on cannabis and cannabis is scientifically identified, established to be a neuroprotectant. That signifies players who are involved in collision sports, football players, hockey players, military veterans. If you are in a position to consume cannabis, you are in fact in a position to shield your brain with the cannabinoids.”

Do You Know the Distinction Among Hemp, Cannabis &amp Marijuana

“The substances inside the plant there is science behind that. There is tons of investigation you just have to appear for it.”

If you permitted players to consume CBD you would see an raise in efficiency, lower injuries, much less off the field incidents,” mentioned Damas

Marijuana is nevertheless a banned substance in the NFL but in current years they have begun research on the substance. Hemp CBD is the powerful option for these in states and jobs that nevertheless contemplate cannabis an illegal substance.

“Thank you from the bottom of my heart for providing me my husband, my ideal pal back to me,” mentioned Chester’s wife.

Larry adds he feels like he’s finding his life back like his marriage, his connection with his kids, neighbors, neighborhood. He says he feels additional like himself than he has felt in a extended time.

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