four Inventive Approaches to Improve Your Cannabis Consumption Knowledge


two. Canna-centric Journals

The selection of strains accessible now is astounding, and new strains are displaying up all the time. Modern day cannabis strains are grown to highlight precise terpenes or profiles, providing a broad variety of diversity in taste, effects, and aroma. 

Maintaining a written record of your practical experience with every new strain is a wonderful way to refine your tastes, maintain track of what you have attempted, and bring concentrate to your consumption practical experience. 

Not every person desires to create a total journal, but some variety of scoring method gets the job carried out. Require some inspiration to get began? Appear no additional than the Cannabis Taster Notebook, from Goldleaf. This pocket-sized journal is developed for cannabis enthusiasts. It is guided entry pages, graphics, recommendations, and tricks support you document the effects, flavors, aromas, and experiences of your preferred cannabis strains.

Though you are admiring all that Goldleaf has to offer you, verify out our collaboration with them that advantages Project Sanctuary. Click right here to see our custom cannabis illustrations.


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