Casey Remedy’s New Director of Sales & Marketing and advertising


Remedy has noticed a lot of development in 2019 with quite a few much more promising modifications in the future. As cultivation and production advance their procedures and expand their solution line, the group at Remedy is also excited to welcome the most current member to their neighborhood.  

As the Nevada brand progresses, it is critical to have a voice and face to enable continue spread the name and mission. Very encouraged and recognized in the business, Kimberly Casey joins the brand with equally elevated objectives to enable carry Remedy beyond its younger years.

Kimberly Casey: Passion for Cannabis and Brand Improvement

Initially from Seattle, WA, Kimberly Casey welcomed the sunny valley with open arms. “I required a tiny sunshine in my life,” comments Casey. With degrees BA in Organization Administration and BA in Style Merchandising and Marketing and advertising, the Pacific Northwest native harnesses numerous years of start out-up and promoting knowledge.

She began in style but ultimately created an irresistible passion for cannabis, beginning as a receptionist at The Supply when she initial moved to the state but immediately moving up the ranks. Immediately after The Supply, Kimberly moved to a Marketing and advertising Specialist position at Aether Gardens deftly juggling social media, brand improvement, occasion organizing, collaborations, swag—to name a couple of responsibilities.

Favored Methods to Remedy

Kimberly Casey’s favourite Remedy is Fire OG, a hybrid indica strain that she finds successfully assists in relieving anxiousness, insomnia, and anxiety. She’s also eager to share Remedy’s most current reside resin masterpiece, the Bio Jesus reside resin vape cartridges.

Equipped with the indispensable sales and promoting know-how expertise, the new sales and promoting director has quite a few plans to make the most of our thrilling year.

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