Fungal Hallucinogens Flip Cicadas into Intercourse-Crazed “Zombies”


Photograph by All-Kindz-A Images

Researchers from West Virginia College have lately found a fungus that may remodel cicadas into sex-crazed “zombies” by getting them excessive on hallucinogens and amphetamines.

A new research printed in Fungal Ecology stories that Massospora, a parasitic fungus that infects cicadas, can produce psychoactive compounds that assist the contaminated hosts unfold the an infection. Cicadas can grow to be contaminated with this fungus underground throughout their 13- to 17-year dormant stage. The an infection begins to unfold shortly after the cicadas emerge from the bottom to mate, step by step taking management of the bugs because it consumes their our bodies.

The contaminated males interact in “hypersexual behaviors,” trying to mate with every thing that they encounter, spreading the an infection to any companions. The fungus will ultimately devour the bugs’ genitals and abdomens, however the cicadas will proceed to mate continuous, whilst their our bodies disintegrate. Matt Kasson, assistant professor of forest pathology at WVU and co-author of the research, likens the contaminated bugs to “zombies” as a result of “the fungus is answerable for their our bodies,” WVUToday stories.

The Massospora fungus makes use of an uncommon methodology to make these bugs do its bidding. The fungus secretes psilocybin, the hallucinogen present in magic mushrooms, in addition to cathinone, an amphetamine naturally discovered within the leaves of the khat plant. Researchers speculate that the latter of those two medicine may help give these bugs the stamina to proceed mating even because the fungus eats them alive.

Probably the most fascinating takeaways from this research is the truth that that is the primary time researchers have found {that a} fungi aside from mushrooms can produce psilocybin. That is additionally the primary time that researchers have found a fungus that may produce amphetamines. Researchers have been unable to find precisely how Massospora is ready to create these substances, because the fungus doesn’t comprise the enzymes that different crops use to synthesize these compounds.

This discovery could have implications past the realm of bugs. The research stories that “culturable fungi have yielded many antimicrobial medicine, medicines, and industrial enzymes over the past century.” 

Kasson stated that his fellow researchers “anticipate these discoveries will foster a renewed curiosity in early diverging fungi and their pharmacologically necessary secondary metabolites, which can function the following frontier for novel drug discovery.” 

Some readers are in all probability already questioning should you can “quiktrip” – getting excessive by combining psilocybin with amphetamines – from licking an contaminated cicada. Kasson advised WVUToday that it might certainly be potential “should you’re motivated sufficient.” 

Nevertheless, the professor defined that these psychoactive compounds have been solely two out of round a thousand different compounds found in these contaminated bugs.

“Sure, they’re notable, however there are different compounds that is likely to be dangerous to people,” Kasson cautioned. “I wouldn’t take that danger.”


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