Twenty 4:20 | #Three Widespread Hashish Confusion


June 29, 2019

Do not need to smoke? You do not have to! Hashish is a flexible medication that may be administered in a number of methods, every with its personal benefits. On this episode Curt Robbins explains the assorted methods to get cannabis or CBD into your physique. Pay attention, study and share!


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Welcome to “Twenty  4:20” the chunk sized instructional podcast from Tom at  Kannaboomers and Curt Robbins, creator of greater than 500 articles concerning the science of hemp and cannabis. We’re giving 20 cannabis subjects 20 minutes every that will help you get smarter about terpenes, cannabinoids, cultivars and far, far more. And our present begins now.

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Hey, we’re again with episode three, section three of “Twenty 4:20” our ongoing bonus collection with cannabis professional, Curt Robbins. Hey Curt, how are you?

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I am doing effectively and having fun with Los Angeles, getting lots of writing executed. Have lots of thrilling tasks proper now.

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All proper, effectively right now we’re speaking a couple of widespread cannabis confusion and there is lots of confusion on the market, however there’s some widespread myths that we will knock down right now. We’re beginning out with consumption avenues.

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Nicely, there’s, you understand, clearly smoking has been a really conventional type of consuming cannabis, particularly on the underground market over the past century, however there’s actually lots of alternative ways to devour the cannabinoids and terpenes that we have been discussing on this collection. And there are primarily 4 totally different avenues of ingestion. Or consumption is what I ought to say as a result of ingestion is one in every of them. It is after we eat the plant in some type could possibly be a baked good as a result of cannabinoids are absorbed by fat rather well. Milk and butter and issues. It is a not water soluble, so due to this fact it really works nice in baked items. Then in fact there’s inhalation and that is smoking or vaporizing. We’ll discuss extra about that in a second. After which there’s sublingual. Sublingual is totally different than ingestion as a result of it is absorbed by means of the mucus membranes and the mucosa below the tongue, and it’s a utterly totally different route into the physique, nevertheless it will get a bit complicated as a result of they each go within the mouth, proper. And lots of people are partaking in sublingual absorption, at the very least to a sure extent, and so they’re not even conscious of it. Now, sometimes it is form of a sloppy mannequin as a result of some shall be ingested and undergo the abdomen and liver, however when it goes by means of below the tongue, it goes immediately into the bloodstream. That is what’s distinctive about this avenue, and it will get a bit extra sophisticated than that. And we’ll speak about that in a second with onset instances. 

The opposite avenue is topicals. And that is going to be a very enormous market sooner or later as a result of topicals are already an amazing market each for medical care and wellness. And likewise magnificence aides. Topicals can are available in many alternative varieties, balms, lotions, lotions. And one of many newer purposes of it’s these topical patches or transdermal patches. They usually can apply CBD or, THC and even, you understand, full spectrum formulation. Now the patches are sometimes, and topicals over all are sometimes used for localized remedy. So for those who sprain your elbow enjoying tennis otherwise you’re an athlete, you understand, you are simply perhaps common train, proper? That is Kannaboomers in any case. And uh, generally simply a few miles on the treadmill can provide you some, make some pains as you get a bit older. Topicals are nice for treating issues like that.

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That is my expertise. A topical balm can actually assist the knee or elbow and, uh, it is odd that it is so localized, however I assume that is, uh, a trick of it. It, you understand, you are absorbing it into your whole physique, nevertheless it certain appears to work domestically too.

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Yeah, it does work rather well and a few of these cannabinoids are absorbed readily and effectively into the pores and skin, into the Dermis, and so they do their factor. In order that’s a very glorious possibility. Once more, the stereotype is we see Cheech and Chong or the Scooby Doo and other people smoking joints or bonds, however that is actually solely a small slice of the choices which might be accessible for sufferers and shoppers. So let’s discuss a bit about bioavailability. Now, technically, medically bioavailability is the quantity of a drug or a chemical that’s within the bloodstream and regarded lively. It is doing its factor and it’ll finally be metabolized and you understand, exit the bloodstream and it is solely going to have efficacy for therefore lengthy. By way of what we’re discussing right here, let’s consider bioavailability as three issues, onset of impact, peak impact, and total period and that kind, if we’re to to outline bioavailability like that, it’s totally different for these totally different avenues of consumption. So for ingestion, and we have all heard these loopy tales of individuals getting an excessive amount of cannabis of their system, particularly in the event that they’re new to it. And the difficulty there’s that ingestion requires 45 minutes to 2 hours only for onset. That is not peak. And that is not period. Length might be six or eight or ten hours or extra relying on the efficiency. And once more, how versed the buyer is in consuming edibles. If it is their first time and so they have six instances greater than they need to, it is in all probability not going to go very effectively. And there is a purpose for that too. And this reveals a bit concerning the chemistry of cannabis. Now once more, we have got 200 terpenes, 113 cannabinoids, 20 flavonoids and so they all get in there and blend up. However let’s simply speak about essentially the most well-known THC. When it is digested by the liver, it converts to some type of the molecule referred to as Delta 11 when it is inhaled, smoked or vaped, it is Delta 9. So as to add confusion to the difficulty there’s additionally a delta eight situation, however we’ll speak about that later. Nicely, it out. That one examine I used to be studying final week confirmed that Delta 11 is about 5 instances stronger than Delta 9. In order that’s why shoppers must be very cautious after they’re consuming. And, so usually edibles are produced, it is yard barbecue time, proper? It is not labeled, it is, it hasn’t gone by means of a laboratory or a distribution channel. It is on the underground market. And if there’s 60 milligrams of THC in a brownie and a brand new client actually needs to be getting 5, maybe ten, you possibly can see the place the issues resolved,

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Proper. And the basic mistake is you eat one brownie and wait half an hour, an hour, you are seeing no outcomes. So that you eat one other one and you then’re arrange for a form of a unfavourable expertise.

Curt Robbins 06:50

That’s precisely the way it occurs, as a result of the buyer is anticipating the efficacy and the onset of smoking or vaping, and it is clearly a lot totally different. In actual fact, smoking or vaping, uh, the results start to be felt in roughly two and a half minutes. It enters the lungs the place it’s transferred on to the center and the center takes it and pumps it on to the mind as a result of these THC molecules are destined for CB 1 receptors within the mind and central nervous system. In actual fact, if they do not cross the blood mind barrier, they can’t create that psychotropic, that psycho exercise for which it is so notorious.

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In case you do not thoughts, can we again up a second to inhalation and discuss concerning the totally different expertise between inhaling smoke and inhaling vapor? What can we find out about that?

Curt Robbins 07:42

They appear very related, clearly, and a few shoppers actually do not even take into consideration the distinction. Vapor is way more healthy. We there are identified carcinogens within the technique of combustion no matter what you are burning. So simply since you’re burning cannabis as an alternative of tobacco does not imply that we escape all of these carcinogens. So there, there’s some unhealthy that comes with smoking, however usually individuals argue, effectively, there’s lots of good that comes with smoking too. So you understand, once more, shade, shades of grey that we’re getting at. In case you’re a each day, particularly for those who’re a affected person with a weakened immune system, perhaps you are preventing most cancers or MS or epilepsy it, you understand, medical skilled would all the time suggest vape, if you are going to go along with inhalation, vaporization over combustion.

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Now, I’ve additionally heard that while you vape you possibly can set your boiling level and entry varied terpenes. Is there science to assist that?

Curt Robbins 08:38

Sure. The terpenes have totally different boiling factors. So like for instance you might have a desktop vaporizer and its temperature adjustable, you are going to be getting a unique terpene profile than at a decrease temperature. And it is form of neat. You can begin to, when you have an correct desktop unit, generally they price just a few hundred {dollars} as a result of the decrease priced ones, you understand, the accuracy will not be so nice. So that you, so you actually do not know what you are uh, getting in the long run. However you can begin to focus on explicit terpenes, and a few sufferers. Nicely as a result of they’ve totally different efficacies. If one goes to stimulate urge for food and kill ache, scale back systemic irritation, if that addresses your explicit ailment or situation, then you can begin to actually dial it in. By way of saying, okay, these are the terpenes that I need to, um, optimize so to talk within the vaporization course of. So it will get sophisticated as a result of it isn’t solely the inherent terpene profile of the product, of the cannabis that we’re utilizing, however then it is the method by which you quote unquote processes, you understand, you that you just inject what you devour it. So, uh, what you get in the long run, the ultimate bioavailability is usually not what we expect as a result of it is, it isn’t essentially what goes into the machine.

Kannaboomers 09:58

I’ve heard individuals say that they get a clearer excessive too after they vape. I do not know if there’s any science behind that or if that is only a subjective form of perspective.

Curt Robbins10:07

Proper. And one, in all probability the most typical manner of vaping is with the, the cellular vape pens, you understand, that you just’re simply dropping your pocket which have the 5, ten components on them. And uh, you understand, there’s professionals and cons with that too. There are good variations of that and there are unhealthy variations of which have, uh, nasty chemical compounds in them have not been examined. There’s all the time going to be good and unhealthy merchandise. So it is positively purchaser beware.

Kannaboomers 10:34

Nicely, I do know you had been going to handle a isolates and broad spectrum versus full spectrum.

Curt Robbins 10:39

Yeah. If we’re speaking about consumption right here, there’s lots of confusion I discover even amongst medical professionals concerning the totally different major varieties in which you’ll devour cannabis whatever the consumption avenue. So we’ve got isolates now as their identify implies, an isolate is a single molecule and we seize it so to talk as purely as we will. And there are 99.9% pure isolates of CBD and THC and they are often consumed in quite a lot of methods. They are often smoked, they are often dabbed. We hear about this technique of dabbing, which is a type of excessive temperature vaporization. Okay, so dabbing is a kind of vaporization, but when the temperatures will not be managed precisely, dabbing is usually a mixture of combustion and vaporization. That may occur simply.

Kannaboomers 11:37

And that is a really intense form of inhalation. I imply that is a really, a excessive efficiency expertise, proper?

Curt Robbins 11:45

Oh sure. I did it with CBD a few years in the past and it was very attention-grabbing. It was a, not a powder, it was within the type of a crystal, which all the time appears to be like very attention-grabbing. And uh, you understand, I positively felt the, uh, the results of it. I felt like zero ache in my physique. Um, not all people likes dabbing and particularly with, this was CBD that I used to be doing, however with THC dabbing can actually knock you in your butt. It may be, it is probably the most potent apart from edibles, probably the most potent methods. And once more, you are going to get hit and two and a half or three minutes. So, uh, generally individuals do a few dabs and if they are not very versed on it, they received to take a seat down for some time. So once more, individuals, shoppers needs to be cautious with a few of these avenues of consumption.

Kannaboomers 12:31

Yeah, it sounds overwhelming.

Curt Robbins 12:33

So we have got isolates and with out speaking about them an excessive amount of, there’s professionals and cons with isolates since you’re getting simply that single molecule. So if that is what the buyer wants for his or her illnesses or their situation, no matter their state of being they’re attempting to attain an isolate is perhaps a great way to go. However usually, particularly for common wellness, like if we’re consuming cannabis as a preventive mechanism and we’re not treating a selected illness, broad spectrum and full spectrum merchandise are sometimes most well-liked. Now broad spectrum signifies that it has been filtered mainly that when the extract or the focus was created from the plant that one thing was taken out and sometimes it is THC and that is so we will have a product that’s beneath the 0.3% THC so it qualifies as authorized. It may be bought in all 50 states and lots of shoppers don’t desire any psychoactivity, I do not need the individuals fly on my planes or driving my automobiles or taking good care of my youngsters or you understand, the air visitors controllers, I do not suppose I need them getting all looped out on THC. So there’s actually a superb place for broad spectrum merchandise containing hint quantities or no THC in the marketplace whatever the medical efficacy of THC. I believe there is a good place for these full spectrum because the identify implies, is every little thing from the plant. Now it needs to be pressured right here that manufacturing and processing strategies sometimes strips one thing away. Terpenes and cannabinoids, particularly terpenes are very unstable delicate molecules and actually simply the transport of cannabis cannot like in a car, you understand, with the jostling may cause these molecules to deteriorate or morph into, you understand, a unique type of their lifespan.

Kannaboomers 14:32

This additionally brings to thoughts the entire idea of the entourage impact. All this stuff are working collectively, proper? And when you have an isolate you are not, you are not getting any entourage impact.

Curt Robbins 14:41

In case you imagine within the entourage impact, which is technically a idea proper now, we’d like extra analysis, however there’s lots of proof, each anecdotal and scientific examine, uh, pointing towards the validity of it. You are getting essentially the most entourage impact profit with a full spectrum clearly, however you do get some with the broad spectrum. Uh, however you understand, there are individuals who don’t love broad spectrum by any means trigger they are saying, hey, every little thing’s within the plant for a purpose. They actually embrace full spectrum or what’s generally referred to as entire plant formulations. Uh, they’ve executed their homework. They know there’s lots of medical efficacy in THC. So many shoppers and medical professionals will use full spectrum completely truly.

Kannaboomers 15:28

Okay. After which, uh, I believe we had been going to speak about how lengthy one can retailer cannabis. Trigger a few of us, perhaps we’re not consuming at a, at a excessive price and it sits in a jar. How lengthy can you retain it and nonetheless have that efficacy?

Curt Robbins 15:41

The joke right here is that, you understand, who retains cannabis sitting round lengthy sufficient for it to go unhealthy? And all the each day shoppers within the room can chuckle and chortle at that. However you understand, many individuals simply devour solely when essential to deal with a specific illnesses or socially. And it is simply a few instances every week. So I truly get this query fairly a bit and a few persons are shocked to suppose, “What marijuana goes unhealthy? Actually?” Nicely what occurs right here is once more, all of those molecules are very unstable and THC tetrahydrocannabinol, breaks down, it degrades in its life cycle into CBN. And CBN is a cannabinoid that could be very a lot bedtime for Bonzo. It is nice for insomniacs. If I can get it in a good sufficient amount. So if sure, we let, we’ll we’re getting into legalization the place there was this, uh, you understand, there’s discuss in Canada, there’s discuss in the USA about distribution channels like we’ve got in different industries, proper? And for those who go to 7 -11 and you got a Pepsi Cola, uh, it was not made yesterday, it sat on a shelf, it went by means of distribution for no matter size of time. So a examine was performed in 1999 and it is very nice as a result of they, it is a multi 12 months examine and mainly in the long run what they discovered was that the amount of THC decreases by sure percentages over time. And the primary 12 months the pattern misplaced virtually 17% of the THC. Once more, most of that transformed to CBN. So for those who had an uplifting, cerebral, energetic cultivar of cannabis, if it was saved lengthy sufficient, it could possibly be fairly totally different in its efficacy. In any case, lots of, lots of that THC degraded to a CBN and I do not need to unhealthy mouth CBN it has its place too. In case you’re an insomniac or struggling, excessive anxiousness and CBN is perhaps one in every of your finest mates.

Curt Robbins 17:43

By way of cannabinoids. After two years, the pattern, uh, misplaced about 27% of it is THC. After three years it misplaced about 35% and after 4 years, once more an unlikely situation, the speed of decline truly decreased a bit, nevertheless it was about 41% THC misplaced after 4 years of storage. It needs to be pressured that that is storage at room temperature and mainly the extra you elevate it, the upper the degradation. So there’s lots of mitigating components right here. There are, you understand, clearly we’re within the inexperienced rush. So there are firms proper now engaged on applied sciences on companies and merchandise that can, for instance, a nitrogen storage system, one is being talked about that would retailer for about seven years. They’re claiming you could possibly have a shelf lifetime of seven years with no loss by any means. However in a fundamental mannequin, I do not know the small print of what they’re doing. You are changing the oxygen with the nitrogen, the oxygen goes to trigger the degradation of the THC. So that you need to get the oxygen, the heck outta there. Now, for those who can put one thing else in there that acts as a preservative, effectively all the higher.

Kannaboomers 19:01

Positive. So in that occasion, they’re placing it in a, in a can or an hermetic jar or one thing the place oxygen cannot get at it as you say.

Curt Robbins 19:08

Sure. And there are merchandise in the marketplace that uh, generally they’ve like a press valve and, and so they simply push all of the air out of it. You understand, there’s all the time going to be a bit air left in there. And once more, for those who’re consuming your cannabis, you understand, pretty rapidly over a few weeks, it isn’t going to be important. And that is why I like sharing these numbers, discovering, you understand, science and actual research like this so we do not have to take a seat round and, and dredge up anecdotals, “My uncle Bob, he discovered half an oz. that, you understand, from earlier than his divorce, it was bought and we smoked it and all of us thought it was nice.” That is a superb story, you understand. However that does not actually inform us what is going on on right here. Uh, right here, we get to see arduous percentages. It is actually virtually stunning if this analysis was executed 20 years in the past.

Kannaboomers 19:56

Nicely it positively makes a distinction to have one thing recent and , I imply, some individuals surprise, do you place it within the freezer? Does that assist or are you in all probability higher simply getting it recent.

Curt Robbins 20:05

Precisely. The grasp cultivators that I’ve interviewed through the years all the time inform me recent is finest. And after I’ve visited, farms and gardens and gotten one thing that they’d simply gotten by means of the cycle of drying and curing, I’ve to confess, it is a few of the most potent but fulfilling cannabis I’ve ever consumed.

Kannaboomers 20:26

That is superior. Nicely, we ran a bit over our 20 minute goal, however, um, we won’t cease speaking about one thing that has a lot worth to all of us. So, um, thanks Curt. That form of wraps it for this week, however we’ll be again quickly with episode 4.

Curt Robbins 20:39

Thanks, Tom.

Kannaboomers 20:41

You have been listening to “Twenty  4:20” a particular version podcast collection from Kannaboomers and Curt Robbins. Need to study extra and assist develop the cannabis motion? Unfold the phrase and observe us in your favourite podcast platform or at

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