Dear Stoner: I’m done with the indica, sativa and hybrid thing. Aren’t you?

Dear G.D.: Cannabis strains affect all of us differently, but some have more ubiquitous effects than others. Despite the fact that most strains are labeled “indica,” “sativa” or “hybrid,” research is showing that there’s little science behind the labels, and almost all strains are hybrids at this point, despite public perception. We’ve stopped using those terms to describe strain effects for a while now, unless we’re talking about growing traits or bud structure, which seem to be the only characteristics really affected by a plant being an indica or sativa.

Sativa? Indica? Hybrid? Or none of the above?

Lindsey Bartlett

Certain mixes of cannabinoids (THC, CBD, etc.) and terpenes, as well as your body’s endocannabinoid system (how your body reacts to pot), are more likely responsible for the way certain strains make you feel.

Most dispensaries still use those designations, largely because it’s an easier way to direct consumers and because a lot of indicas tend to be OGs and Kushes, which we associate with nighttime use, and sativas like Hazes and Diesels are usually associated with energy and a running mind — but there are some who feel opposite effects. Don’t judge a strain by its label!

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