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Willie’s Remedy Review


CBD Oil Review rates the Willie’s Remedy Brand with two stars because it qualifies for the Mission & Quality Badges.

Willie’s Remedy: 60-Second Summary

If it’s good enough for Willie Nelson… Yes, that’s right, the “Willie” whose remedy we’re partaking in with this brand of CBD-infused coffee is none other than the country crooner himself. A longtime and very public advocate of cannabis, Willie got into the cannabidiol game in 2019, launching Willie’s Remedy with his wife Annie, with the coffee based on her own personal recipe. But while Nelson has a long history of supporting sustainable agriculture (FarmAid, anyone?), and his legal cannabis company, Willie’s Reserve, is meticulous about its sourcing and growing practices, we unfortunately don’t get much background information on the Remedy’s website, which makes it difficult for us to award many badges to the brand.


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Willie’s Remedy Brand Review

What’s better than that first hot sip of a fresh cup of coffee to get the morning started? How about a fresh hot morning coffee mixed with cannabidiol?

That’s the cure Willie’s Remedy hopes to promote with its CBD oil-infused coffee beans, which it says offers a perfect balance of uplifting caffeine with the calm and clarity provided by cannabidiol.

The combination honestly sounds like a dream to us—though we’re admittedly big coffee fans. And the site includes some very specific tips to ensure the java is brewed to a potent perfection, letting buyers get the most out of their $36 8oz bag.

Yet unfortunately, we get more information about the origins of the coffee than the cannabidiol. (For what it’s worth, the caffeinated beans represent a mixture of the Castillo, Colombia, and Caturra varieties.)

We really appreciate that the coffee is sourced from smallholder farms in Colombia, a move that goes above and beyond many coffee purveyors who might look to exploit the global market for cheap labor and maximum profits. And Willie’s says its full-spectrum CBD oil is grown organically in Colorado. With Nelson’s rich history of supporting sustainable farming, we definitely take the company’s word for it.

But for all that, we’re lacking some key information, including any third-party testing results for the CBD oil involved, meaning we can’t award the brand our prestigious safety badge.

Bottom line: Willie’s Remedy indeed sounds like the perfect cure for mornings, offering a dreamy mixture of caffeine and cannabidiol. The product is ethically sourced to boot, but we wish the company would offer more information about any third-party test results for its CBD oil.

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Badges For Willie’s Remedy

Willie’s Remedy ReviewQuality Verified

Cannabidiol for the product is sourced from certified organic hemp in Colorado, while the coffee comes from smallholder farms in the Santuario region of Colombia.

Willie’s Remedy ReviewMission Verified

Willie’s Remedy hopes to combine all the natural benefits of cannabidiol with everyone’s other favorite natural pick-me-up: coffee.



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Willie’s Remedy

Willie's Remedy Review


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