Storing Marijuana: How To Maintain Weed Fresh



More than the years, cannabis packaging in legal or healthcare marijuana regions has grow to be far more sophisticated, with attributes developed to retain freshness. The packaging on your marijuana solutions could possibly have a harvest date on them, but flower does not come with an expiration date. So even with producers upping their packaging games, you could possibly obtain oneself asking yourself “does weed expire?”


About the two worst strategies you can shop your weed are on a tray, exposed to oxygen and light, and in a plastic baggie, just like your dealer’s baggies that are typical on the illicit industry. You most likely know that the atmosphere about cannabis impacts how the plant grows, but marijuana storage is also a crucial element of high-quality and freshness. Cannabis wants just the ideal balance of situations to stay fresh, in-tact, and dilemma-totally free.


Cultivators go to excellent lengths to assure your flower is packaged with the most optimal moisture content material, generally in opaque packaging to hold the light away. You are likely asking yourself why you nevertheless see transparent and clear containers lining your dispensary’s shelves. Effectively, old habits die difficult and the practice of seeing and smelling the item on the shelf is nevertheless a crucial element for several people today when it comes to deciding what to obtain. Some providers have even began replacing the oxygen in their packaged flowers with nitrogen to aid retain freshness.

Moisture and Mold in Marijuana

Moisture and water activity make a large distinction when it comes to diminishing the shelf life of cannabis. Cultivators take added care to assure cannabis is packaged with the ideal moisture content material.


Though no two cultivators dry their flowers in the similar way, all cultivators do dry their flowers and then undergo a course of action named “curing.”


Curing the cannabis makes it possible for the moisture that is trapped inside the bud to gradually dissipate from the flower with no altering any of the cannabinoids or losing terpenes. As soon as the flower has the ideal moisture content material, generally among six and 9 %, it is placed into packaging exactly where excess oxygen has been removed.


When you take it property, it is significant to attempt to retain that balance.


If you drop as well a lot moisture, it can transform the integrity of your flower. Your flower will grow to be brittle and it can drop crucial terpenes that have an effect on the potency and taste.

As well a lot moisture or water activity and the consequences are far more severe. So severe, in reality, that the American Society for Testing and Supplies (ASTM), which develops technical requirements across several industrial industries, published the “Common Specification for Sustaining Acceptable Water Activity (aw) Variety (.55 to .65) for Dry Cannabis Flower” in Could 2018.


The ATSM defines water activity as “the (quantitative) capability of the cannabis flower in a sealed container to have an effect on the humidity of the container’s headspace air.” Headspace is the air that surrounds the flower. Water activity measures vapor stress against pure water. If water activity is at .55, it is 55 % that of water.


In the course of storage, cannabis really should stay at a minimum of .55 water activity and a maximum of .65. Water activity increases with temperature, which is why light and temperature manage go hand-in-hand as storage ideal practices.


The connection among moisture content material and water activity is complex, but the international cannabis neighborhood is at the moment functioning to figure out what the optimal moisture content material is in packaged flower.


What we know now is that relative humidity above 65 % can very boost the likelihood that your weed will create mold. According to the American Herbal Solutions Association, the drying course of action will dehydrate cannabis till it has a moisture content material of much less than 15 %, and the curing course of action is exactly where the remaining moisture is gradually removed to retain the volatile oils.

The Finest Temperature to Shop Your Cannabis

To extend the shelf life of marijuana, it really should be kept in a cool, dark spot at space temperature or slightly under. The best temperature to shop your weed is under 70 degrees Fahrenheit, or 21 degrees Celsius.


Higher temperatures combined with higher moisture activity and relative humidity can lead to mold and mildew. Mold thrives among 32 and 120 degrees Fahrenheit, or to 49 degrees Celsius, and development is most active among 70 and 90 degrees Fahrenheit, or 21 to 32 degrees Celsius.


Higher temperatures and arid environments dry out your flower and volatilize, or evaporate, sensitive terpenes, which will eventually transform the effects and taste of the flower. This is why some cultivators skip drying and make reside resin extracts to preserve all the monoterpenes that are lost for the duration of the drying course of action.


Reduced temperatures are not as problematic, but they can make it tougher for THCA to decarboxylate into THC. Reduced temperatures will lower the potency of the flowers when they are smoked, or could make the trichomes brittle on the plant, causing them to break off when they are removed from the cold atmosphere.

Light and Oxygen Alter Cannabis Composition

Exposure to light is the greatest culprit when it comes to aging weed. This has been recognized as far back as 1976, when a study published in the journal Pharmacy and Pharmacology explored what occurs to the stability of cannabis beneath various situations. It concluded that light is the single biggest contributor to loss and deterioration of cannabinoids and recommended that “carefully ready herbal or resin cannabis or extracts are reasonably steady for 1 to two years if stored in the dark at space temperature.”


Ultraviolet (UV) light will generally degrade your cannabis, and even though the clear glass jars you see in the marketplace appear good, they will not defend your obtain the way an opaque container would. If you seriously like to appear at your marijuana, a brown container will filter out visible ultraviolet light — that is why brewers use them to bottle beer. Meanwhile, green containers will block out roughly 30 % of UV rays.


As time goes by, prolonged exposure to light, heat, and oxygen will steadily convert THCA into THC. At the similar time this is occurring, current THC is becoming converted into CBN, with no the intense psychoactive properties that THC delivers. And it is not just THC that is impacted. CBDA can transform into CBD with sufficient exposure and THCV will degrade into CBV. In the course of this time, your weed could potentially grow to be much less potent.


In addition to playing a part in the conversion of cannabinoids, oxygen can also oxidize crucial terpenes and transform the all round aroma of the flower into a grassy, haylike smell.


To lower exposure to oxygen, make certain there are not several air pockets in your container. Do not use quite significant containers to shop tiny quantities of weed. If you shop your weed in sealed bags, get rid of as a lot air as attainable ahead of sealing. Vacuum sealing is a dependable way to shop your marijuana lengthy term, even though a handheld vacuum pump is useful for brief-term storage.


It is inevitable to introduce fresh oxygen into a sealed package after it is open, but you can limit the quantity of time that the jar is opened and the quantity of occasions it is opened.

Extending the Shelf Life of Weed

To lower exposure to the components, when it is time to open your container, pull out your flower and right away close your package. Do not just let it sit open, and steer clear of windy or very ventilated regions.


To retain the ideal level of moisture, use a salt-primarily based manage sachet to retain the best relative humidity. According to the ASTM requirements (D8197-18), “a salt-primarily based manage sachet developed to retain a relative humidity of .55 to .65 in a sealed container can be employed to retain optimum storage situations.”


In the previous, to remedy dry weed, people today would add an orange peel to their bags to hold the moisture content material, but this very increases the likelihood that mold will be introduced. In addition, the water activity of orange peels is unknown and the aroma of the peel could alter the flavor and aroma of your weed.


Currently, you can use the similar humidity manage packs to reintroduce moisture if it is as well dehydrated. This will not reintroduce terpenes that had been lost, but it will assure that you do not have a harsh smoking expertise.


Like practically all the things else, weed does not final forever. More than time, modifications to the molecular structure happen with exposure to heat, light, and moisture.


When cannabinoids and terpenes expertise quite higher or quite low temperatures, dry up, are exposed to as well a lot moisture, or are left in the presence of light, chemical modifications that will degrade the potency of the flower and could alter the taste and mouthfeel may well happen.


As terpenes are exposed to environmental modifications, they can oxidize or evaporate, developing a transform in aroma and effects. And even even though all weed degrades more than time, the course of action can be slowed down if you manage the temperature, moisture, and the quantity of oxygen your flower is exposed to. To hold your weed in tip-top rated shape as lengthy as attainable, hold an eye on the harvest date on the packaging and take cautious methods to steer clear of exposure to light, moisture, oxygen, and intense temperatures.


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