Oregon Cannabis Institute Medical marijuana business seminar


Want to learn how to get started in the marijuana industry?  You may have heard that people who are looking to become a part of the industry usually attend marijuana workshops and seminars to improve their chances of success.  You may have also heard that people who attended these seminars and workshops are usually the ones who are actually able to start a successful business.  So what is there in a medical marijuana business seminar that can help people like you secure a position within the medical marijuana industry?

The first thing is the speakers themselves.  These are not ordinary people who will come and talk about the industry.  These are professionals who have years of experience in helping people become successful in the industry.  You will also get to meet companies and individuals who have already started their own marijuana businesses.  They can share insights and help you get started as well.  The best thing is that you will get all the information you need about the industry directly from the experts.  You will also receive handouts and application forms all at one place.  Lastly, you will get the opportunity to network with individuals who have come there to learn about the marijuana industry and contribute their ideas and thoughts.


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