New Vaporizer Accessories from Delta3dstudios!


A couple of weeks ago a package arrived from Delta3dstudios and there’s adequate stuff inside to warrant a video. Delta3dstudios is a longtime buddy and supporter of 420vapezone. Mike sent me a couple of weed scoops and an array of Pax vape accessories a lot of years ago and I’ve been utilizing them and advertising his retailer ever considering the fact that!

Mike has been operating difficult developing even much more kickass vaporizer accessories and he sent more than a box of some new stuff!

Mike has a shit ton of vape accessories readily available on his site:

Vape Accessories integrated in Video

The miniature version of the scoop is compact adequate to remain stowed away in the decrease portion of your weed grinder. Best for the Brilliant Reduce Grinder, his nylon version is non-magnetic, p. $17.50 @ Delta3dstudios

Nylon weed scoop

The original Tamp-n-Scoop is stainless steel and will set you back 25 bucks. This Nylon version is less costly and will not set off metal detectors. $17.75 @ Delta3dstudios

Pax Era Mouthpiece Cap

These caps match more than the mouthpiece of the Pax Era and retain it clean. $four.30 @ Delta3dstudios

Pax Era Case

This is a 3D printed case for the Pax Era. It holds the Era with a pod attached and prevents dust and dirt from collecting on your mouthpiece. $12.60 @ Delta3dstudios

Pax Era Pod Case

This 3D printed case is developed to retailer and defend two Pax Era pods. The Pax Era is ideal for switching amongst strains as you please and this cartridge case will retain your added pods organized. $10.30 @ Delta3dstudios

Universal bong adapter

This universal water pipe adapter fits virtually each and every mouthpiece imaginable and connects it to a 10, 14, or 18mm female water pipe. $17.20 @ Delta3dstudios

Ghost MV1 accessories

These 3D printed hold Ghost MV1 crucibles in a compact and quite a lot airtight system. Extra Ghost MV1 accessories are also readily available right here.


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