Mr Canni’s ‘crazy’ concept to address homelessness


Two months ago my husband Charlie O’Sullivan (aka Mr Canni) told me about an concept he had to turn this disused warehouse which hadn’t been touched given that the 60’s, into a short-term homeless shelter with the owner’s, Mark Fitzpatrick, permission. I did not completely appreciate at the time that this was going to be the initially of its type that would be regarded ‘legal’ if he could make it come about.

Quick forward two months and while it hasn’t been plain sailing it has just been signed off as protected to open its doors to 15 guests and up to 60 if we have any far more snow.

An army of volunteers and organisations such as Street Kitchen have rallied round, as nicely as the nearby neighborhood, through Nextdoor, to deck this location out with a completely functioning kitchen, toilets, showers electrics and so significantly far more. With committed funding from the GLA and nearby councils, donations have been flooding in of cloths, rugs, meals, bedding, sofas, fridges and even a candle which appears like a Bakewell tart!

Right here is the most current write-up and we hope there will be far more to come now that it is going to be officially opened.

While I have been on the sidelines of this project, I have been definitely touched and impressed at how absolutely everyone has rallied with each other and it just proves men and women want to assist and will when they know how!

On the left is Charles O’Sullivan whose concept this was and on the suitable is Mark Fitzpatrick the warehouse owner and yes that is JC in the middle, when they got the likelihood to inform him all about this pilot and we only hope that it could possibly develop into a single aspect of the significantly necessary answer to address our every single increasing homelessness crisis. Verify out the video of the project here


At the Canni Family members we constantly stated we wanted to do far more than sell Cannabis oil we hoped to have a social effect as men and women and ultimately as a company. Nicely the Canni Hound has completed his bit as a Therapy dog so Mrs Canni superior get on with her bit now……to be continued.

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