Man Holding Scrumptious McDonald’s Hash Brown Although Driving Avoids Ticket


A Connecticut jury decided to award no penalty to a man accused of texting and driving right after hearing that the man was holding a McDonald’s hash brown as an alternative of a telephone.

The Hour reports that Jason Stilber was initially issued a $300 ticket right after becoming pulled more than by the Westport Police due to utilizing his telephone although driving. He was initially attempted in Norwalk court, exactly where he unsuccessfully plead his case. Months later, Stilber hired an lawyer and reopened the case, managing to totally free himself from his penalty by giving records that showed that he wasn’t utilizing his telephone in the course of the incident. The lawyer almost certainly submitted a selfie of Stilber munching on the hash brown.

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Stilber’s lawyer also supplied documentation that showed that the policemen who took Stilber into custody had been on duty for 15 hours, suggesting that his lapse in judgement – re: confusing a hash brown for a telephone – may have been due to exhaustion. “It just is proof that police officers — there’s absolutely nothing nefarious right here — but that police officers are human and make errors. That is all,” explains the lawyer.

Although Stilber didn’t make lots of declarations, he mentioned that his run-in with the law had dampened his taste for hash browns.



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