Is CBD a Schedule 1 Drug? (2018 UPDATE)


What The Announcement Meant

To make this super quick, I’m going to quote straight from Section 812 of the DEA web site for the definition of what classifies a schedule 1 drug.

(1) Schedule I.—

(A) The drug or other substance has a higher possible for abuse.

(B) The drug or other substance has no presently accepted health-related use in potentially relievement in the United States.

(C) There is a lack of accepted security for use of the drug or other substance beneath health-related supervision.


 Did your eyes widen with shock and jaw drop in disbelief?

Mine also.

DEA, this is a joke, correct? 

If it is not…

I’d like to kindly ask you to appear America and all the folks suffering, straight into their eyes and inform them CBD oil falls into the schedule 1 category.  

I know I absolutely couldn’t lie to parents who struggle each day with their young children who are suffering from Epilepsy. 

Now, I believed extended and challenging about how in the globe the DEA could claim this. I have a couple theories and to make this lengthy write-up a lot more of a exciting study, I’ll present it in the third particular person.

Christopher thinks they are carrying out this simply because:

  • they want to limit the production of CBD on the street in order to far better manage it
  • they have no notion what it is, saw the trend swiftly rising, got scared, and attempted to ban it
  • they want time to synthesize it
  • they want to make an actual plant-primarily based pharmaceutical medication
  • they want to preserve income in their hands

WOW!  These are some bold claims, Chris!

Nicely, Chris, you say that now, but only three months ago at the starting of November 2017, GW Pharmaceuticals finalized and submitted an application to the FDA searching for approval to launch EPIDOLEX. The FDA accepted the application and is presently reviewing it.

Not so farfetched now, eh Chris?

Okay, jokes aside, is not it a bit crazy that CBD, which was announced to be a schedule 1 drug, is now becoming reviewed by our federal government to potentially be made use of as a prescribed medicine?

Motives Why Listing CBD a Schedule 1 Drug Is Ridiculous

To briefly reiterate, if a drug is place on the schedule 1 drug list, it is regarded as each an addiction threat and it also is regarded as to have no accepted health-related use.  I’m attacking these two basic factors with factual, health-related proof and will prove why CBD oil must not be listed and in addition, shouldn’t be anyplace close to it!

Cause #1: CBD is an addiction threat. 100% FALSE! 

CBD does NOT include THC. THC is the component of the cannabis plant that causes the psychoactive effects (the higher) and is the cannabinoid accountable for the alleged addiction. Additionally, researchers are proposing and concluding that CBD could be a potentially relievement for addiction.

Instance 1
: 3 direct quotes from a case study on CBD and opioid addiction:

To date, the proof seems to at least assistance a possible advantageous potentially relievement for opioid abuse.

The reality that sufferers with substance use problems frequently present with several psychiatric and health-related symptoms that are decreased by CBD—symptoms such as anxiousness, mood symptoms, insomnia, and pain—also suggests that CBD could be advantageous for potentially relieveing opioid-dependent folks.”

CBD could hence offer you a novel line of investigation medication that indirectly regulate neural systems modulating opioid-associated behavior, hence assisting to decrease side effects usually linked with existing opioid substitution potentially relievement methods.” [2]

Instance two: This seriously produced me chuckle at the reality how a person (DEA) can openly claim that CBD can be a hazardous addiction.  Right here is a case study on…

wait for it…

CBD as an powerful potentially relievement for Cannabis Withdrawal Syndrome. Yes, you study that properly and right here is the conclusion:

CBD can be powerful for the potentially relievement of cannabis withdrawal syndrome.”[3]

How can CBD be an addictive threat if it an powerful potentially relievement for the addiction triggered by the exact same plant that it comes from?

It is actually unbelievable!

Cause #two: CBD has no accepted health-related worth

We, Cannabidiol Life, are legally not permitted to make health-related claims. For that reason, we will let our clients do all the claiming for us!

Right here is our on line CBD Gummy Study and under are some of the couple of emails I’ve received recently…


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