Hemplucid CBD Oil All-natural Solutions


Hemplucid CBD MCT Oil 500mg

This is a Hemplucid solution.

Solution: Hemplucid CBD MCT Oil 500mg
Lot Quantity: 190712
Batch Date: 04/06/2019
Expiration Date: 04/06/2021
Milligrams of CBD: 16.92mg/ml*
% of THC: .08%*

**The reported outcome is primarily based on a sample weight with the applicable moisture content material for that sample. LOQ = Limit of Quantitation. Pesticide LOQ = Instrument Limit of Quantitation, NA = Not Analyzed. ND = Not Detected. NR = Not Reported. NT = Not T ested. PGR = Plant Development Regulator. Unless otherwise stated all high-quality manage samples performed inside speci×cations established b y the Labor atory. This solution has been tested by DB Labs, LLC (MME# 61887736101164525768) employing valid testing methodologies and a high-quality technique as expected by Nevada state law. Edibles are picked up prior to ×nal packaging unless otherwise stated. Values reported relate only to the solution tested. The uncertainty of measurement connected with the measurement outcome reported in th is certi×cate is obtainable from the organization upon request. DB Labs tends to make no claims as to the ef×cacy, security or other dangers connected with any detected or non-detected levels of any compounds reported herein. This Certi×cate shall not be reproduced except in complete, devoid of the written approval of DB Labs.


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