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Ray Rodrigues force fed the 10% THC cap as an amendment to SB 188 which does have other valuable provisions. Create to your lawmakers and contact your lawmakers to Assure that this Does not get to Governor DeSantis’ desk. 

Ray Rodrigues Speak to Information: 

Capitol Workplace

422 The Capitol
402 South Monroe Street
Tallahassee, FL 32399-1300

(850) 717-5076 

District Workplace

Suite 218
17595 South Tamiami Trail
Fort Myers, FL 33908-4570

(239) 433-6501

Sample letter to send to your lawmakers in Florida Courtesy of /u/ traktrmia:

“Points to bring up to a congressman

Honorable Senator xx

1. The is no marijuana induced psychosis epidemic in Florida

two. The key issue in legal states involve recreational customers consuming also considerably THC in edibles without having understanding what they are receiving into. Even so, there is hardly a psychosis epidemic from edibles. And considerably much more importantly to this law, there is NO psychosis epidemic from inhalation (vaping or smoking).

three. In Florida, sufferers have twice a year physician consultations to aid avoid accidental misuse of marijuana. In addition, these visits act as a security shield requiring sufferers to speak straight to their medical doctors. Any indicators of psychosis ought to be evident to a doctor more than the course of 15 minute consultation.

four. The have been no in depth research comparing psychological effects of varying marijuana potencies.

five. The Lancet study (the one particular that Ray Rodrigues utilizes as justification for his amendment) dealt with populations that had specific markers that predisposed them to psychosis. For instance, compared to the manage group, a greater percentage of the test group have been racial minorities, unemployed, of reduce education and had greater prior usage prices of stimulants, hallucinogens and ketamine. In addition, that study was a statistical meta-evaluation of lots of other research all with different original purposes, none have been made to evaluate psychological effects of varying THC concentrations in complete flower marijuana. The conclusion of the Lancet study was that “much more analysis is essential”

six. When scientist’s mentioned fracking in Florida’s uncommon geology could lead to issues, Ray Rodrigues supported a bill getting the State spend for a study into the influence of fracking. If the State is definitely concerned with 15% flower causing hypothetical issues for sufferers, in the absence of a existing crisis, the State ought to commission of study or many research by way of the psychology and psychiatry departments at State’s analysis universities. This would be a win/win, Florida’s Universities could be at the forefront of healthcare marijuana analysis and sufferers would acquire worthwhile details.

7. The bill does not define how to measure 10%. There is no precise measurement of THC in flower as it can differ from plant to plant. Percentage also varies based on moisture content material. The bill does State what situation that plant have to be in when it is measured. The rush to generate a bill, leaves open the possibility of considerably manipulation… which will in turn hurt sufferers considering that they may well not no how considerably the solution has adjust considering that the time the solution was measured. If such a limit is adopted by the State, growers and producers ought to be involved in setting up standardized processes.

eight. The limit will move men and women out of the healthcare method and back into the black marketplace.

9. The limit is an arbitrary attack on sufferers that use complete flower. There are no comparable limits for concentrates, oil, pill or any other kind of marijuana.

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