Did the Super Bowl Reject the CBD Industrial more than Marijuana Laws?


A different Super Bowl has come and gone. The testimonials? Not stellar. Even the programming block—long regarded to be the ultimate showcase of flashy and memorable ad content—couldn’t save the day. Was there even one particular Super Bowl industrial that had anyone speaking Monday morning?

Possibly there could have been had one particular essentially been authorized. Yes, there was a industrial that under no circumstances produced it to air this previous weekend. Not since it lacked a cheeky catchphrase or celebrity cameo (it did, on each counts, but that is not the point). As it turns out, the snub had additional to do with the message.


Investors Behind the Super Bowl Ad

Acreage Holdings, a healthcare cannabis corporation at present operating in several US states, submitted an ad to be run in the course of the game. Super Bowl broadcaster, CBS, resoundingly rejected the submission, claiming that the ad was “not constant with the network’s marketing policies.”

Fair adequate. But what about this ad was deemed also controversial to make it to the smaller screen?


Acreage Holdings PSA does not market any of the company’s merchandise, nor does it encourage the sale of recreational cannabis. It is message centers completely on treating illness with healthcare marijuana. The ad opens on a kid in the midst of a seizure. His exasperated mother, speaking to the camera, talks about the futility of prescription drugs. Other vignettes function an amputated veteran and a chronic discomfort victim struggling with opioid addiction. All of these faces seem frustrated and despondent.

The ad’s somber message is clear. It is a contact to action. Viewers, make contact with your representatives! Advocate for alterations to marijuana laws!

Not only had been audiences—a prospective 100 million viewers—denied the message, they had been also denied the chance to make their personal informed choice.

But offered the history of suppressed marketing in this nation, ought to any individual actually be shocked? 


History of Rejected Super Bowl Advertisements

This is not the 1st time a corporation has been rejected from airing an ad in the course of a Super Bowl broadcast. In 2018, the NFL Players Association complained about a proposed ad for well being corporation, GNC. They claimed it was unfair to market vitamins and supplements that players themselves weren’t permitted to use.

But what about the old adage, any publicity is excellent publicity? Some organizations produce racy and controversial advertisements understanding that they will under no circumstances be authorized. Taboo organizations like Ashley Madison and Pornhub have had advertisements rejected for becoming also sexual in nature Bud Light has also had a industrial declined—due to sexuality, not since of the promotion of alcohol.


Why the double normal?

Marijuana is legal for recreational use in 10 states, andfor healthcare use in 33. With the current passing of President Trump’s new farm bill, hemp, a species of the cannabis plant, also (technically) becomes legal. 1 of the extracts from the hemp plant is CBD, a non-psychoactive cannabinoid that delivers customers quite a few therapeutic qualities. These incorporate relief of chronic discomfort, anxiousness and insomnia. The farm bill all but guarantees to raise CBD’s profitability and visibility.

But this does not imply that absolutely everyone is absolutely on board.

According to the FDA, cannabis is nevertheless classified as a drug—even CBD. Marijuana laws are not wide-spread adequate to take into account it mainstream.

Even the National Football League has thoughts on the matter. The NFL at present enforces a strict ban on cannabis use for all of its players. In fairness, advertising the substance in the course of, of all items, the Super Bowl would look hypocritical (to be clear: CBS banned the Acreage Holdings ad, not the NFL). 

The rise in recreational marijuana use in mainstream culture continues to leave quite a few Americans scratching their heads. And CBS’s response to cannabis advertorials is a further terrific instance of this confusion.


What the Persons Have to Say

According to polls, practically 60 % of Americans assistance marijuana legalization. Numerous politicians have run on platforms looking for to legalize and / or decriminalize marijuana. Also, these who have maintained an anti-weed stance in the previous have come about as a outcome of education. As the opioid crisis continues its stranglehold on millions of Americans dealing with chronic discomfort, options to discomfort management are desperately necessary.

So why censor new concepts?

Provided the higher volume of advertisements centered about alcohol and erectile dysfunction that make it to air, CBS’s move right here appears a tad dishonest.

Everyone likes booze,  nachos and to see attractive pop stars promoting automobiles. Ad makers are constantly hoping to create discussion as a outcome of their Super Bowl commercials—that’s the point of these hefty price tag tags! But when commercials have the prospective to produce the incorrect “kind” of discussion, key organizations favor to remain silent.

Regardless of person stances, marijuana laws remains a controversial topic across the nation. And the Super Bowl remains one particular of the couple of annual tv events that nevertheless brings tens of millions of Americans with each other. The ubiquity of football in this nation is sacred, and CBS clearly intends to hold it that way.


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