CCELL Dart Critique: Really hard Hitting, Clean Taste


The Dart vape is a pod program created by CCELL. This turned out to be an additional superb program for vaping, practically identical to the Uno vape, but in a distinct type aspect. Right here we go by way of the information of working with the CCELL Dart and overview its overall performance.

cartridges, but in pod format. So far, this is the strongest hitting vape pod program we have attempted, crushing Stiiizy and any THC Juul pods.


  • Really hard hits
  • Superb taste delivery
  • Discreet
  • Pods are interchangeable with CCELL Uno


  • Makes use of a lot of oil, but does not waste it

Suggestions: We would like to see it sell it as an empty pod and have it be less complicated to refill.

We initially reviewed the CCELL Uno and it is extremely related to the Dart, so expectations have been currently higher. The internal pod utilized is the identical with a distinct mouthpiece. The CCELL Dart hit tough, tasted terrific, and general it really is 1 of the strongest pod systems we have attempted.

The Dart vape has a distinctive outdoors style and shape, internals identical as Uno

Good mini size on the Dart vape.

This vape program has a quite distinctive round shape.  Even so, the outdoors is far more of a rounded, compact shape. It really is terrific for discreet vaping as it has a smaller sized height than other vaping systems. The oil capacity of the pods is 500ml.

Exact same CCELL dependable ceramic core powers the center

The internals are developed the identical as the Uno, which characteristics a ceramic core atomizer, just like that on CCELL’s renowned cartridges. That ceramic core is what assists place CCELL more than the best of other makers as you will see under.

ccell core
CCELL use smaller sized cores. This was taken from a City Trees vape pen that utilizes disposable TH001.

Pods use a snap closing program that keeps airflow tight, no airflow problems like has occurred on Stiiizy

ccell dart pod
Take a appear at the plastic pieces sticking out on the best. That tends to make it difficult to refill.

I now have utilized 4 pods: two on the Dart and two on the Uno, all with no problems. A typical situation discovered in Stiiizy pods is that if rubber piece gets dislodged, it ceases to function due to the fact the airflow is not activating the battery. It really is practically as if CCELL anticipated this dilemma by creating the Dart pods have a strong plastic snap closing piece more than the rubber. This guarantees you do not run into an situation exactly where the rubber is not correctly placed.

Dart pods are not meant to be refilled

The snap close program tends to make Dart vape pods tougher to refill than other individuals. Obtaining the mouthpiece off is extremely difficult and I ruined 1 attempting. CCELL does not advise these for refill and they are not produced for it, but I have to attempt anyway as that is what most of us would do. I would not advise attempting to refill these, as well hard.

w vape syringe
For this overview I utilized a W Vapes syringe, but most probably your Dart pods will currently be filled.

Hits are definitely tough on the Dart vape

There is no lack of strength right here at all. It also hits by way of far more oil, so you do not require to hit it as a great deal. two puffs on the Dart is like three-four puffs on a frequent cart. You may possibly be shocked with the effects if you hit it as a great deal as a frequent cartridge, it may possibly be as well sturdy.

I discovered the Uno to hit slightly tougher than the Dart. The only genuine distinction amongst the Uno and Dart is the mouthpiece and battery. It may possibly have been a 1 off pod hitting greater than the other, but the Uno seemed to have slightly far more of a kick to the hits.

The essential is do not take as numerous hits

Take significantly less hits off the Dart than you would on a standard cartridge and you will get the identical effects. This guarantees your oil lasts longer. Otherwise, you may possibly vape by way of THC or CBD oil quite speedily on Dart pods.

Comparing the Dart to other vape pods

The initially pod program that comes to thoughts for most California customers is Stiiizy. Other individuals may possibly be familiar with the vFire that utilizes the identical heating core as the Stiiizy, just has a distinct type aspect. The vFire is discovered on the Plug Play vape and it really is also a terrific pod program. The CCELL Dart hits substantially tougher than the Stiiizy and vFire setups.

stiiizy vs dart
Dart blows away ALD’s hardware on strength.

1 benefit Stiiizy and vFire do have is you can refill them conveniently. Dart pods are extremely hard to refill. All round, when it comes to Stiiizy vs Dart, Dart wins.

CCELL Dart compared to common cartridges

dart pod vs cartridge
Carts are far more effective, but the Dart hits tougher.

Compared to common CCELL cartridges, the Dart does hit tougher, but it also goes by way of oil more quickly. Some may possibly nevertheless favor common carts more than the pod program, but these hunting for a definitely tough hit and more quickly effects almost certainly will favor the pod.

There is no comparison to the Dart and non-CCELL carts. Most clones definitely just do not hit that tough. In truth, most the time when I get carts that are prefilled, if it is not a new gen CCELL cart I usually will skip it unless its a unique kind of oil that I may possibly transfer more than. In common, I have turn out to be far more in favor of receiving a syringe of oil and placing it into a CCELL cart rather than get a prefill of a clone. Other non-clone forms of carts are also just unreliable, like that discovered on Brass Knuckles.

Regular cartridges are also refillable as lengthy as they have a removable best like the TH2 series.

The Dart will only be obtainable pre-filled, for now

ccell dart pod bottom
Leaking never ever occurs with this kind of bottom connection.

The CCELL Dart vape is not going to be sold empty. This indicates you can only get it from oil makers who use the hardware. At present you can discover Moxie versions of Dart pods. We hope to see an unfilled version in the future so we can get terrific syringes and then fill them with any oil.

Concluding our CCELL Dart overview

The Dart vape pod program is an additional terrific item, but at this point we have come to anticipate that from CCELL. When they release a item it appears like it was currently completely tested to make certain it will function effectively.


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