Canopy Development Hemp Industrial Park To Make Hundreds Of Jobs In Broome County


Canadian cannabis enterprise, Canopy Development Corporation has announced the acquisition of a 308,000 square-foot facility positioned on a 48-acre house in Kirkwood, New York as they continue with plans to establish a hemp industrial park in the Southern Tier area of the state.

Canopy received a license from New York State in January of 2019, permitting the enterprise to construct an extraction and processing facility which will be capable of making thousands of pounds of hemp-derived cannabis extracts just about every year.

Canopy chairman &amp co-CEO, Bruce Linton says that the enterprise desires to give nearby vendors priority and “create meaningful profession opportunities” in the communities in which they operate.

Linton says that the enterprise hopes to attract like-minded firms and entrepreneurs with a passion for hemp to make an atmosphere that stimulates the economy a lot more than any single industrial enterprise could.

“We welcome Canopy Development to Broome County with open arms,” stated Broome County Executive Jason Garnar. “With Canopy Development coming to Broome County, we appear forward to seeing the advantages of new nearby complete-time positions, in addition to the contracted building workers.”

Canopy plans to commence hiring senior leadership in late 2019 followed by the complete workforce in mid-2020. The industrial park is anticipated to make hundreds of complete-time positions.

The enterprise is presently securing cultivation space for hemp to be extracted at the industrial park, with the intention of providing priority to farms inside New York State.



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